Autumn in Mallorca

27 October 2023

Not into the cloudless sunny sky and tap dancing across the blistering hot sand? Do you find seeking out air conditioning or worse, those fans blowing strange misty air - rather annoying? Don’t worry, if the hot summer months of Mallorca aren’t for you, you’re not alone and better yet, you’re in luck!

If you’re more of a T-shirt and jeans kind of person, the only other day (apart from your birthday) that should be marked on your calendar is the 23rd of September. The day we residents have all been waiting so patiently for since Easter came. High season is over, kids are back in school and the final quarter of the year is upon us which means… autumn! Finally, you can walk the streets of Mallorca without that steady stream of sweat running down your back!

Why Autumn Is The Best of All Seasons #

Autumn walk serra de tramuntana mountain

1. Sea Temperature #

Baths are great, but when it’s 30+ degree’s outside, the sea water should be refreshing, right? For us fall-admiring, summer-fearing humans out there, that’s typically not the case in August. By September though, the outside temperature average is around 27 degrees (80°F) and the sea temperature is at a delicious 25 degrees (77°F). October only gets better and by November, the sea temperature is at a down to a really invigorating 20 degrees (68°F). What’s not to love about that?

Sea Mallorca Banyalbufar photo by Adele Chretien

Adèle Chrétien

2. Barbecues and Bonfires #

By mid October, with the cooler weather, cooking over a fire is a lovely way to have the family and friends gather for a Sunday barbecue lunch. Two favourites spots are LLuc (either the recreation area or Ca´s Amitger) or in the Levant area, Puig de Sant Salvador. Both are sacred sites in Mallorca. Also Son Tries near Esporles and Son Moragues near Valldemossa have public barbecue pits. Make sure before you leave home you bring your own firewood, tongs and a metal grate to lay the food on over the fire because not all pits have metal grills.

Whether it be a romantic night roasting marshmallows with your partner or a beach bonfire for your birthday, watching the sunset underneath the stars is the perfect autumn evening. What’s more comforting than being wrapped up with a blanket amongst a circle of friends? Go ahead, pack some snacks and drinks and watch the night roll in.

Affordable Mallorca Reminder:The bonfire and barbecue ban is usually removed by mid-October, but always double check with the local authorities or online. Public barbecues are first come first serve. Locals usually stake out their spot by mid-morning. NOTE: This year, with the new regulations due to COVID, beaches are closed after 9 p.m.

Happy Friends On Beach Dog Bonfire Happy

3. Flights and hotels are cheaper! And so are rental cars! #

No brainer! An affordable holiday with transportation and comfortable weather? As the season comes to a close, businesses drop the prices to help encourage people to keep visiting with the hopes they can make that last little injection of money before winter approaches.

Budget, for all their faults, can usually take you from A to B for the best rate possible. How to get the best airfares? Read More >>

Booking a car at Palma Airport with companies such as RecordGo, offer great deals in the winter, especially if you take out your own third-party insurance!

Take advantage of the opportunity and book yourself a really nice finca in the mountains, or an exclusive boutique hotel on the sea front, after all, with your affordable rental car you can go anywhere!

Currently, we have a limited flight schedule due to COVID. But movement is continuing to happen. Finding an open hotel might be a challenge but discounts abound. Friends and family are sure to have leads.

Plane Window View

4. Thunderstorms #

Okay, I understand this isn’t for everyone, but the storms that roll over the island are nothing shy of incredible. Not to mention the hail storms… Me gusta!

  • Shrab Singh

  • Shrab Singh

5. Worthwhile Events #

Mallorca is an island with a never-ending events calendar. Coming up first on the agenda is the Festa des Vermar, which takes place in September in Binissalem. This fiesta is a grape throwing competition and a delicious wine tasting extravaganza which people come from all over the island to participate in. In 2020, this event is cancelled. But put this on your calendar for next year. For this year, have your own "Wild Grape Festival" and try a bit of vineyard hopping with friends by following the path given us in Road Trip to Mallorca's Hidden Bodegas.

Coming up on the 4th of October is the Fira Dolca - Sweet Fair - in Esporles and the Sobrasada Fair. Try out the delicious, freshly-prepared bunyols (doughnuts) and ensaimadas. Learn to make your own by watching cooking demonstrations or taking a workshop. As with all things in 2020, make sure to bring along your patience. This event is likely to be less active than in previous years. For more on local fare, read Eat Like A Local.

In November, keep and eye out for La Fira de l'Esclata-Sang - Mushroom festival, the Olive Fair in Caimari, and the Autumn Agricultural Fair in Sa Pobla! Currently, these events will be held in 2020.

Girl Running Orchyard

6. Time to get outdoors! #

Now is the time where you can go climbing, rocks or trees, hike hills and abseil cliffs, running through the forest or along the sea front, cycle around the winding streets in the heart of the island. Or, you could also take the eccentric approach and dance in the streets, do cartwheels in the park, roller-skate, or go streaking through the fountains… wait, scratch that last one.

You get it. Autumn is the time where you can, without having a heat stroke, get back into your favourite outdoor activities.

Hike Santa Maria To Orient Mallorca Img 3574

Adèle Chrétien

7. Wine Tours #

There are more than 70 wineries on the island, but the only place you wine buffs need to remember is Binissalem. This small town in central Mallorca is surrounded by bodegas (wineries) which are host to some of Spain’s best wine.

Can Ribas Vineyard in Consell, although slightly south-west of Binissalem, is one of the oldest and top rated vineyards in Mallorca and worth investigating for yourself. It’s important to know that visits are by appointment only.

Contact: 971 62 26 73

Affordable Mallorca Top Tip: If you’re after a personalised tour, check out companies such as Mallorca Culinary Tours and Mallorca Wine Tours. Both have excellent rating online and offer tours for groups throughout the year.

For more on Wine Tourism, read here >> Wine Tourism Mallorca

Wine Vineyard Grapes

8. Beaches #

Finally, no more packing in like sardines. Tourists are no longer pouring into the island and the locals should be wearing their winter jackets by now, but not us expats! This is our time to shine and our chance to enjoy the islands most beautiful beaches with plenty of room to starfish in the sand.

Affordable Mallorca Tip for Dog Owners: Typically, by November you can bring your pup with you to the beaches again as well! Always remember to clean up!

Dog On Beach

9. Watch the island transform #

By the end of summer, the flora and fauna are exhausted from being subjected to such high temperatures and such little rain. Come autumn the trees are finally starting to regenerate into a luscious green again. Not to mention the sunsets. With summer the night skies are often so clear it leaves nothing for the sun to decorate. During fall however, weather comes in and so do the clouds giving the sun a real canvas.

Terrace House Star Night Sky

10. Normality with a side orderBy of fashion #

Life is slowing down a little bit, the holidays are approaching, work schedules are getting back to normal (only until December comes, of course). Adults are enjoying the local cafes with their friends and colleagues and late dinners with their families. The kids are being occupied at school and the teenagers are hopefully doing their homework. Things are calm. The island has some normality and a little less touristic chaos.

We cannot forget to mention, for you fashion-enthusiasts, fall is always a time of new trends. This typically isn’t a time of year for sales, but you can also find new trendy gear to strut down the Borne in.

Take your time and fall in love with autumn. Savour the sunsets, get to the mountains and hike, get involved with the culture and make a point to participate.

  • Adèle Chrétien

  • Adèle Chrétien

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27 October, 2023


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