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As the fastest growing English language digital magazine on the island, we have reached over 40K monthly readers and have a community of dedicated followers on social media: +4.6K on Facebook with over 14K video views weekly and +3.3K on Instagram.

Our readers want to support local businesses like yours. Advertising in Affordable Mallorca gives readers the assurance that they will receive top quality at a reasonable price. They love our warm, friendly content that reflects our commitment to the authentic Mallorca which shows the island's heritage, natural resources, sustainability and culture.

We serve as a connection between the international community and locals. With over 550+ articles offering practical advice, to fun insights and in-depth coverage of local topics, we are an amazing source of trusted information. Our evergreen content assures that you don't have to spend double the money for a single reader to chance upon your brand. Just use our search function to find any Mallorca topic of interest!

We are 100% independent and close-looped, which means we have no off-island affiliate marketing that will orient the viewer off the platform to other markets or services. Besides, all those random google ads on other sites not only track you, they are not attractive. With us, your brand won't be jeopardized. There is no dilution in brand standards and content targets. For you, as a local business, this means a better opportunity to capture a customer.

More than just advertising, our team of creative professionals can put together a marketing campaign that can include advertising, social media, promotions, events, collaborations, company profiles and design – ranging between 30€ to 500€ a month. Our pricing is always 100% transparent. No secret special offers that existing clients miss out on.

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