Valldemossa Town

16 March 2024

The most famous Mallorca town in the world! Culturally and historically, tourists visit this place more than any other.

By car, the town of Valldemossa is only about twenty minutes from Palma, but thanks to its setting in the midst of the Tramuntana mountain range you feel transported into a different world. The city soars majestically on a massive hill, surrounded by terraced land descending all the way down to the valley like a multi-layered skirt.

Valldemossa Town

History and Local Sights #

Originally named after the Arab prince Mussa who once owned these lands, the Valley of Mussa, Valldemossa is the one place on Mallorca history lovers shouldn't miss out on. Its cultural importance by far outweighs the short stay of its most famous visitor – the composer genius Frédéric Chopin. Join our writer Cas Dollamore on her historical tour of the town.

Food & Drink #

Among the wide choice of cafes and restaurants, these two are our favourites:

Coffee, tea and more

Enjoy hot and cold drinks and a selection of very reasonably priced cakes, sandwiches and sweet and savoury pastries at Ca’n Molinas at Via Blanquerna 15, served in the pleasant garden at the rear.

Lunch or dinner in a historical setting
Hostal Can Marió, at Carrer Uetam 8 is an iconic Valldemossa restaurant run by various generations of the same family since 1890. Come here for a delicious selection of typically Mallorcan dishes and tapas at affordable prices.

Valldemosa Restaurant

Shopping #

Valldemossa is of course not all history! It is a great place for shopping with many good fashion and craft shops, as well as the ubiquitous souvenirs. So, plan in a little shopping tour, too.

Valdemossa Main Path Way In

Fiestas and Annual Highlights #

Valldemossa has a vibrant arts scene. The summer fiestas start in July with the Artdemossa event.This is a night of art, when the streets come alive with art exhibitions, theatre, poetry and music.


Another highlight is the annual Chopin Festival, with a programme of concerts performed by top international musicians during July and August.


There are many more festivities which take place around the dates of the three most important Valldemossa fiestas:

July 28th Santa Catalina Thomás (Festes de La Beata)

August 15th Mare de Déu D’Agost

August 24th Sant Bartomeu

The programme for these festivities may be found on the town hall’s website:

Fiestas Mallorca Valdemossa

Living in Valldemossa #

To come and see Valldemossa on a trip to Mallorca is a must. Not only the town has many worthwhile sights to offer. There are many places of interest in the area such as the small fishing port and pebbly beach of the Port de Valldemossa 7 km drive from the town, and on a hilltop about 3 km away is the hermitage - La Ermita de la Santísima Trinidad, with its amazing views. It would be easy to spend several days here and always find something new to see and do!

If you choose Valldemossa as a place to live full time you might therefore feel a little lost among the constant flow of tourists who do exactly that.

Door Valdemosa

Charm factor #

Despite the great numbers of tourists who descend upon Valldemossa on a daily basis it rightly retains its reputation as one of the most fascinating and magical of places to visit and is without doubt one of the highlights of a trip to Mallorca, or a wonderful day out for those of us who live here.

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16 March, 2024


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