Your Pace or Mine? A Guide to Mallorca’s Best Hikes and Walks

21 March 2019

Whether you’re a beginner or an intrepid climber, we’ve got a walk for you!

One reason we live on Mallorca is the ability to take advantage of the great outdoors year-round. Hiking and walking are great ways to explore the island, all for the price of a pair of study, comfortable shoes!

Hikers Hiking Mallorca Mediterranean Europe Young

We’ve Got Sole #

Let the Affordable Mallorca team be your tour guides and guinea pigs to hikes all over the island, so you can choose the ones that best suit you!

1 – Coastline to Mountaintop

2 – Free Guided Hike on Ancient Road to Sóller

3 – Hike from Santa Maria to Orient

4 – Rock Climbing on Mallorca

5 GR221 Tackling The Dry Stone Route

6 Lloseta to Santa Llucia - A Llovely Walk

21 March, 2019


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