The Mancor de la Vall Mushroom Festival

24 November 2021

Mushroom season in Mallorca is a big thing with the locals. Foraging the many forests on the island is a tradition still followed by old and the young. The best grounds are, of course, well-kept secrets. If you can't find enough for a meal or don't dare hunting for edible fungi (knowing that many are not and errors can be fatal), you don't have to miss out:

Esclata-sang (also called 'Rovellon'), the star of the show, a large flat fleshy mushroom tinged reddish-orange is served in local bars and restaurants in a variety of recipes like the famous rice dish arròs brutand the pork dish lomo amb esclata-sangs. The woody scent and slightly nutty flavor unites us to the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains where it grows in the humidity of autumn rains. Sautéed in olive oil with a little parsley, garlic and salt it is indescribably scrumptious

Equally delicious is the small, bell shaped creamy-amber picornells, a Soller specialty and known locally as cama seca. Locals swear by the mouth-watering combination of these mushrooms, sautéed and salted, with Mallorquin sobrasada sausage and honey – ask for them in your local restaurant or go hunting, not in the forests, but in beautiful Mancor de la Vall

Mushroom 6

The Mushroom Festival in Mancor de la Vall #

Mancor de la Vall, in the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains, celebrates the annual harvest with a traditional procession, a Night of Fire (Nit de Foc) with devils and demons running through the streets. Mushroom lovers from all over the island are drawn the stalls of the mushroom market lining the picturesque streets. From Palma, it's a mere 45-minute drive north on the Ma-13, and it's definitely worth a visit!

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To discover more about Mancor de la Vall, click here for a direct link>> Ajuntament Mancor de la Vall

24 November, 2021


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