What is Affordable Mallorca?

Affordable Mallorca is a digital magazine and a dynamic property platform (launching Autumn 2019) based on authentic and reliable information so that people can trust our site and media image as a credible and accessible source. We are a bridge between international residents and all that makes this island life truly fulfilling: Mallorca’s heritage, people, history, inspirations, activities and special places. We invite you to explore the entire island including its vibrant villages – not just the hottest places or properties advertised by the businesses with the highest budgets. Our goal is to connect small businesses with people who are in need of reasonably priced services - whether buying a piece of art, finding an architect or understanding how to budget for taxes, electricity and other services to live in Spain.

“I am often asked about the name of our company, particularly from people who have not found Mallorca to be ‘affordable.’ The simplest explanation is that life on Mallorca can be enjoyed on a reasonable budget while redefining what a ´rich life´ means. We connect our readers to local businesses, vibrant villages and inspirational people living the island life.” Memphis Holland, Founder, Affordable Mallorca

Our magazine boasts thousands of readers and social media followers who want to discover the best Mallorca has to offer, while keeping affordability in mind. More than 128 countries are represented on the island and we collaborate with local and international communities committed to respecting Mallorca’s legacy, natural environment and creativity. We are more than "An Insider's Guide" to the authentic Mallorca for residents with features on sports and wellness, arts and culture, food and music, literature and history. We are different because we attract a readership community that values reciprocity and desires be an integral part of the island we love.

We only work with dependable, local contributors for our content. We co-create with our small/medium advertisers to highlight businesses that offer true value for everyone. Our partnering with local businesses paints a beautiful vision of all Mallorca has to offer. To learn more about digital advertising solutions visit Advertise.

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