What is Affordable Mallorca?

Whether you are planning your first trip, visiting frequently, or are dreaming about living here, Affordable Mallorca helps you connect with the roots of the island. Think of us as "An Insider's Guide" to the real Mallorca for residents. We cover the best of Mallorca, from sports and wellness to arts and culture, from food and music to literature and history. Our heart beats for the Mallorca heritage and people, history, inspirations and ideas. Our goal is to support vibrant village life. Did you know that more than 128 countries are currently represented here?

Our website invites you to see people, places and properties on the entire island, not just the hottest places that are advertised by businesses that have the highest ad budgets. When looking at buying, selling, renting or investing in real estate, we can help navigate the nuances of ownership on the island with the goal of putting more money in your pocket so that you can live your affordable dream.

Because our work is supported by revenue from advertising and the sale of merchandise, Affordable Mallorca can help you sort out your options without charging a penny for the knowledge.

Whether you are coming or going, we want you to benefit from a sense of greater ease, to have more choices than you may realize are already within your reach.

Think of us as "An Insider's Guide" to the real Mallorca for residents.

“I am often asked about the name of our company, particularly from people who have not found Mallorca to be ‘affordable.’ The simplest explanation is that life on Mallorca can be enjoyed on a reasonable budget. We are all about promoting a quality life on the island. Over the years, we’ve met many who have come to the island for a vacation and stayed to create rich lives. We share their stories with our AM Community. You don’t have to be a millionaire to live like one.”

-Memphis Holland, Founder, Affordable Mallorca


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Our mission is to support sustainable villages throughout the island. Our partnering with you paints a beautiful vision of all Mallorca has to offer.

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