Mallorca in a Camper Van

8 March 2024

A Family Road Trip #

"Our traveling motto was to leave any place we went nicer than it was. So, everywhere we went we picked up all the plastic rubbish. We tried to be environmentally conscious in our choice of activities, too."

Our Tiny Home on Wheels #

Taking the ferry from Barcelona, the Cathedral of Palma was the first sight of the island on our approach to Mallorca – what a beautiful welcome, especially when it’s the first time you're here.

It was the end of May. We started off in the brightest mood, two old and two young explorers, in perfect weather, warm enough to wear shorts. Right from the beginning our Ford Nugget proved to be the ideal traveling vehicle, small and compact as it is, making it easy to navigate even the narrowest streets and finding parking in areas too packed for others to move. It’s a tiny home on wheels, offering all the facilities you need, a little kitchen, a shower, and a toilet... Seeing that Mallorca is becoming more and more expensive, traveling in a camper van is very affordable alternative. As we paid next to nothing for accommodation we had more money to spend on restaurants and activities.

Mallorca in a camper van

Staying at an Agritourism Finca in Felanitx #

Having been on the road for a couple of weeks already before we came to the island, we decided to stay at an agritourism finca near Felanitx. They offer two kinds of packages – you can either just pitch up for the night or book a stay including power supply, use of pool and breakfast. Craving a little comfort, we decided to treat ourselves to the full package and stay for a couple of days. And what a wonderful breakfast it was – complete with homemade jam and fresh juice made from fruit grown on their own land.

Prices: from 9.90€ to 32.90 € per night

Contact: Finca Hotel Son Pou, Michael Franke, Diseminado Segunda Volta 77, Son Mesquida, 07200 Felanitx, telephone +34-971-185 814 (land line)+34 648 902 155 (mobile), [email protected],

Cala Llombards #

After a few days of rest and yet another yummy breakfast we got on our way to Cala Llombards where we spent the day at one of Mallorca's most beautiful beaches, SUP paddlingfrom there to Cala Santanyí, passing crazy rock formations on the way, and eating ice cream at the beach bar.

After an exciting day we found a stunning spot on top of the cliffs to rest.

One thing you shouldn't miss out on when being in Cala Llombards is a visit to Peter Tuke and Szilvia Szanto. They do a wonderful Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage allowing you to relax, find peace and go on an inner journey. A one hour thirty session is approx. 69€- Highly recommended!

Contact: Peter Tuke & Szilvia Szanto, Calle Santo Domingo 22, 07690 Es Llombards, telephone +34 677 87 56 94,

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Portocolom #

Totally relaxed we reached our next stop Portocolom, a little port town featuring a rocky beach on its eastern side. If you get up really early you'll be rewarded with a sunrise filling the cove with golden light. The beach on the town's western side is more crowded but still the atmosphere is relaxed. The place comes with a slide and springboard on a float in the middle of the swimming area, as well as a beach restaurant – the S'Arenal Portocolom - offering delicious fresh seafood prepared from the local catch of the day. Better reserve a table for your lunch or dinner to make sure you'll find a seat.

Contact: S‘Arenal Portocolom, Carrer Tancat de Sa Torre, 07670, Felanitx, telephone +34 971 824 324,

Mallorca Camper Van sunset

Port of Pollença #

After this fabulous meal we left the southeast coast and drove northwest to the Port of Pollença. The harbour proved to be the perfect location for an overnight stay in a camper van and a good night's sleep. They even have a bathroom for boat staff you can use without any special permission!

At Port de Pollença, we booked one of our most breathtaking adventures. Before sunrise, we boarded a catamaran taking us out to sea on a dolphin watching tour. Gliding into the golden sunlight and finding ourselves surrounded by a huge school of these aquatic mammals, babies speeding through the water in the wake of their mothers – we all agreed this was one of our most memorable experiences of or trip. It’s a three-hour tour with Robinson. The price is 50€ per adult and 38€ per child.

Contact: Robinson, Carrer del Puerto, 15, 07470 Puerto Pollensa, telephone +34 639 332 236, [email protected],

Maybe not as spectacular, but also well worth a visit is the ancient Albercutx Watchtower. From up top you have a 360 degree view over the bay of Pollença, Formentor beach and the Western Mediterranean. A word of warning though: This is a military area. You are allowed to be here during daytime, but try to stay overnight and you might find yourself looking into a machine gun barrel ...

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Sóller #

From Port of Pollença we continued on to Port Sóller, en route stopping at Cala Sant Vincenç. This cala has several caves which are all amazing for snorkelling and exploring the underwater cliffs.

At nearby Cala Barques, we were amazed by the goats who, several times a day, came scrambling down the dramatic flanks of the Sierra to the beach bleating at the top of their lungs. The children loved it! The animals live wild in the surrounding mountains so don't be surprised if, even in town, you find a goat comes walking towards you in the street.

The drive down the mountain road to Sóller was a real adventure – certainly not for the fainthearted, but the views were absolutely amazing! As they were from the lighthouse in front of the Refugi de sa Moleta at Far de Cap Gros where we met a couple of women who had rented a Volkswagen camper and were traveling around the island like us. We had dinner and watched a spectacular sunset together.

Mallorca camper van mountian view

Sant Elm #

Our next destination was Sant Elm where we were greeted by a wavy sea. The children played like dolphins in the surf, and stand-up paddling was an exciting challenge. There is a car park right behind the beach - not really beautiful but ok for one night. Sant Elm is a quiet and relaxed place to be with a few unique little shops. In one of them, the owner told us she drove around the island to different artists and offered the art they had produced on that day. What I loved most were the little hand-sewn bags and the pottery. This is an affordable place to find authentic souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Saying Goodbye #

Then it was time to get back to Palma where we spent our last night at the harbour in front of the police station, tucked in between the trucks - maybe not the most comfortable place to stay, but very relaxed in the morning - our ferry was leaving at 7 a.m., and in this way the children could sleep right until boarding.

What an amazing trip this was – one we warmly recommend. We did not come across a single soul that was in any way unfriendly. To the contrary, people where welcoming and open-minded giving proof to the simple truth: If you act respectfully and are mindful of the environment you'll be treated likewise. A really enjoyable way to explore this island!

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8 March, 2024


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