5 Reasons Why Mallorca Makes the Ultimate Girls' Getaway

5 July 2019

“Once in awhile you need to pack a bag, get the girls, and go on a road trip!”

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Why Mallorca? #

Deciding where to go for your annual girls' holiday can be a difficult decision to make (believe me, I’ve been there)! Although you and your girl tribe may get on like a house on fire, that’s not to say that you won’t all be wanting different things from your break away; and that’s where choosing a perfect location is key! Well, look no further, we at Affordable Mallorca give you five fabulous reasons why this will make the perfect location for your girly break!

Girl palma cathedral

Reason No. 1: History and Architecture #

There is no denying that Mallorca is home to some of the most exquisite architecture around, take Palma Cathedral as our prime example, the sandstone construction towers over the city, with its thousands of stained glass windows casting patterns that dance through the sunshine across, the tiny cobbled streets below- it’s simply stunning. In fact, the entire city of Palma is adorned with beautiful churches and ancient buildings, even the spectacular Bellver Castle is just a short walk away- putting history at the touch of your fingertips whilst visiting the capital! Entry into both these fabulous venues as under 20€ per person, and their proximity to the city centre with its amazing array of shops (both high-street and designer) means that you can plan the ultimate girls' day out, without breaking the bank!

However, if you choose to stay in, or visit, another one of the island’s beautiful resorts each one presents it’s own historical gem- perhaps you fancy visiting the lighthouse at Capdepera or maybe the famous house of Chopin nestled in the mountains of Deià if it’s history and culture you are looking for, every corner of the island is covered with it!

Girls sharing meal eat food

Reason No. 2: The Cuisine #

For my friends and I, food and drink always play a huge part in our breaks away- and so the fusion of local Mallorquin and Spanish cuisine, as well as the influence of so many cultures that choose to make Mallorca their home, and infuse their traditions with ours, means that this little island has a very large (and fabulous) food culture!

Throughout the city of Palma you are spoilt for choice with fabulous eateries, but really it’s the hidden gems! that lay off the beaten track, that make for the best meals. Why not wander through the city centre into the trendy hub of Santa Catalina and discover it’s incredible indoor food market. Here you can wander through at your leisure, soaking up the divine scents of freshly cooked produce, and either stop at one of the tapas bars and indulge in a selection of local delicacies for around 25€ (based on 5 small tapas) or peruse the fresh products and ask one of the many cafes to cook whatever you have purchased.

Perhaps you prefer a sit down meal, why not sample one of Palma’s several Michelin starred restaurants that offer fantastic 3-5 course lunchtime specials for between 25-35€ per person. For those of you who have hired a car or are staying a little further from Palma why not visit the coastal resorts of Porto Cristo, Alcúdia or Sóller - all offering fabulous restaurants, with spectacular sea views!

Girls coktails party

Reason No. 3: The Cocktails #

Now, to accompany any great meal, the majority of us like to indulge in a little drink (or 2 or 3 or 4…!) Mallorca is home to some fabulous cocktail bars and beach clubs, which are perfect for a girls' holiday!. Across the island there are some great places to kick back and relax with your girl gang, whether it’s sampling a cool glass of pinot by the harbour or maybe a wine tasting excursion or perhaps you really want to let your hair down and dance along the tiles of Magaluf. Mallorca really has it all!

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Reason No. 4: The Natural Beauty #

For those of you who are intrepid explorers, and feel at one with the great outdoors Mallorca offers beautiful walks and rambles across the entire island. When being with the girls, sometimes we need a rest from shopping and wine drinking, and simply to head back to nature with a picnic and good company as we explore this stunning island.

There are several mountain ranges here on the island, each one offering a variety of walks and rambles as well as a variety of large walking events that occur on an annual basis. Why not check out our Affordable Mallorca Events Calendar and consider booking around the time of these events?

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Reason No. 5: The Climate #

It wouldn’t be fair to write about all the wonderful things Mallorca has to offer, and not mention our fabulous climate! With an average of 300 sunny days per year, almost any time is perfect to visit the sunshine isle! If you are complete sun-worshippers then June-August will offer the optimum weather for obtaining that golden glow, but of course flight prices will be that little bit higher. However, in the low season (March-May and September-October) and the winter months (November- February) flights are incredibly affordable, and Palma is as vibrant as ever, although many seaside resorts become quiet, or closed altogether; so you need to be sure of what you want from your holiday before booking

Girls holiday sea beach happy

Girls Just Want to Have Fun! #

Ultimately, a girls' getaway is guaranteed to be fabulous, as it’s all about the company you are with. However, there’s no denying that spending it in Mallorca will transform it into that extra special break you all deserve

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5 July, 2019


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