Cala Llombards

A secluded beach surrounded by steep cliffs and rocky areas, bordered with pine trees and lush bushes. Soft, white sand plays against the crystal-clear, turquoise sea. An ideal place for snorkeling.

The tiny cove is just 55 meters long and 150 meters sand-to-sea. A favorite of local holiday villa owners. Visit the famed Finca Rustica here. Calm waters make Cala Llombards ideal for swimming with children. Tucked away and rather small, this is a popular beach for locals as well as visitors.

Glimpse small fishermen's houses along the cove, adding immensely to its charm. Rent lounge chairs and umbrellas and enjoy the convenience of basic facilities like showers and toilets. A beach bar offers snacks and drinks, though choices are limited. Best to bring food and drinks along. No water activities for hire here.

15 July, 2018


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