A Guide to Mallorca’s Best Hikes and Walks

25 November 2020

The way to learn about a place is to walk it.

Whether you’re a beginner or an intrepid climber, we’ve got a hike for you!

One reason we live on Mallorca is the ability to take advantage of the great outdoors year-round. We have great ways to explore the island on foot, all for the price of a pair of sturdy, comfortable shoes! But a word of caution: You need to walk on the trails. Many maps exist for trails that are well marked and maintained.

Personal Story: A member of our team was visiting Taos, New Mexico. The first person she met asked where she was from and she said, "Mallorca, you've probably never heard of that island but..." about to explain that Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearics off the east coast of Spain. Her new friend preceded to tell her a story of his brother-in-law who was lost on the island. After a major search for months, his body was never discovered. The authorities believe that he fell in a sink hole while hiking. Only his hiking gear was missing from his apartment. Moral of the story: Stay on the marked trails.

From the most gentle of slopes to more strenuous climbs, check out the links to our articles on hiking, or "trekking" as the Mallorquins call it. We have graded the hikes by our internal metrics and we realize everyone is at a different level of physical activity. Read the articles and decide what works for you. You can always take these hikes "poc o poc" like the locals.

Grade: Easy #

Things To Do Around Palma For Free

A Short List of Tours Around Palma to Independent Walks at Bellver Castle.

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Bellver castle

Venturing out of Palma, we recommend this next walk to see more of the northwest and center of the island. With mountains surrounding you, this walk is mostly level with a few climbs. Mallorca is so diverse. Many people say this isn't an island but more like a country.

If you want a good "homebase" for a multi-day hike, Lluc Monastery is a center point. From here, you can walk the neighboring villages then walk north to Escorca and Torrente de Pais. Enjoy Sa Calobra with a secluded beach much of the year. Look for genets and black vultures, just two of the diverse species in this special area.

Grade: Easy But Requires Endurance #

El Camino de Lluc

Biniamar, Selva, Campanet, Caimari and Lluc: Must see villages surrounded by stunning views of the countryside. From some places, you can see the Bay of Palma and the Castle in Alaró.

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Monasterio De Lluc

Building up your endurance, make sure you carry a full water bottle for the next hike as there aren't many places that supply refreshments except at the beginning in Valldemossa and end point of Deia. This hike meanders through the countryside, down valleys and up rocky hills.

Grade: Moderate to Strenuous #

A Regal Trek: The Archiduke's Way

From a starting point of Valldemossa and meandering through the outskirts of Deia, make sure to carry a map and full water bottle. The trail is not well marked in certain spots.

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Valldemossa Town

For millenia, people have trekked over the mountains, through the forests and settled in the valleys of the island. Mallorquins foraged for truffles, special herbs and grazed livestock.

Erosion has carved out torrents in the north and karst caves in the south of the island. The older roads were built for smaller cars and transport vehicles.

When Spain joined the EU in 1986, modern roads were built to connect the island to Palma. Hiking trails became more important to keep people off the main roads. Mallorca is an international destination for cyclists and they use the back roads now, making hiking trails a good resource for trekkers.

Our next suggestion takes you to La Trapa and S'Arracó then, if you have the stamina, on to the Village of Andratx. We show another hike from Galatzo to Puigpuyent. When you watch the video, you'll see why these are must-do hikes or rides, if you want to take a mountain bike. From these paths, you'll have stunning vistas of the sea and beyond into Forever.

Grade: Moderate to Strenuous #

From Coastline to Mountaintop, You'll See to Forever

This is some of the most rugged landscape on the island. You will see flora and fauna, enjoy the bees and have a chance to stop for refreshments. This area feels wild but over the mountains are villages that offer modern life.

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Sun La Trapa View1

While many other hikes will take you through glorious countryside, through the valleys and up to the peaks of Mallorca, our last article shows you a multi-day journey that begins in Port Andratx and ends in Pollensa.

The GR 221 between Banyalbufar and Estellencs is now passable after a court ruling allows the opening of the GR and two other paths. After being closed 15 years, a new path connecting Camí des Correu to S'Arbossar track has been also cleared and signposted. While certainly not necessary, hiring a guide will offer you the fullest experience and knowledge of this amazing journey.

Grade: Strenuous Adventure #

G221: The Dry Stone Route

The locals call this "Ruta de Pedra en Sec" because the terrain is rocky, with craggy outcrops. You'll find hostels, cafes and more on this multi-day journey. Just take your pick from our itineraries here.

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Adèle Chrétien Hiking min

Conclusion #

These hikes offer once in a lifetime opportunities to explore the island and meet the locals. Mallorca has many other shorter quests and places to visit. No one can say with a straight face that she gets bored here. We stay in good physical shape because Mallorca offers the most diverse terrain, enchanting landscapes and soothing sea air. Much is written on these hikes so we suggest you buy books, google and learn more then put on your hiking boots and take off for parts unknown.

AM TOP TIP: Caves and sinkholes are everywhere. So when hiking in the wilderness, you need to know where you are going and stay on the trails.

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25 November, 2020


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