Second-Hand Kids' Clothes on Mallorca

29 September 2020

With all the financial, environmental and social gains to be made from buying and selling second-hand let's take a look at the top 5 ways to go about it on Mallorca for kids' clothes.

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Although Mallorca can feel a bit like a bubble sometimes, it’s still a part of the big, wide world and we who live here, have a responsibility to this world just like everybody else in it. With landfills overflowing, natural resources running out and the very real and imminent danger of climate change, we all need to think about being more green, reducing our carbon footprint and learning to reuse instead of throw away. There is a global unease about the world of ‘Fast Fashion’ and it is becoming more and more popular and trendy for second-hand clothes and indeed clothes swaps. For children, who grow so fast and need new sizes of clothes continually, the value of this is even greater, and not just for the planet, but of course financially for the buyer too!

Mallorca is admittedly a bit slower and sparser on the second-hand market compared with, for example, the UK, but it is definitely something that is gaining traction here. I myself am a very happy second-hand shopper. I especially enjoy seeking out strangers’ houses (pre-COVID!) and having a coffee with them while they sort through the bag of clothes they are selling me. I love finding undiscovered corners of the island I didn’t know about to go and buy a playpen that I found on a second-hand site. The people you can meet, the friends you can make! There are many benefits!

Here’s a top 5 list I have compiled for where to buy and sell your second-hand children's’ clothes in Mallorca.

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5. Facebook #

Facebook Marketplace is pretty active in Mallorca for just about anything you can think of. Its structure isn’t amazing however, as the categories lack any subcategories – so, unless you really know what you’re looking for you may have to do a lot of scrolling.

There’s also a ‘secret’ group on Facebook called ‘Chocolate Crocodile Mallorca’ which is especially for baby and children's’ clothes and toys / equipment. It’s a bit funny in that you have to be invited to join by somebody already in the group, but it can be pretty good and is generally quite active and all Mallorca-based. So ask all your parent friends if they are a member and if they can invite you in.

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4. Second-Hand Sites and Apps #

Apart from Facebook there are a growing number of second-hand sites and apps that are quite active on Mallorca though they are all generally conducted in Spanish so make sure you know your chaquetas and pantalones! It’s generally considered OK to negotiate on price and make offers and not simply pay what is stated. People tend to put a high price tag on second-hand items in Mallorca, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to listen to an offer so don’t be shy about a bit of haggling.

Some of the sites and apps include:

Milanuncios - this is a site and an app. It’s pretty good and other than clothes and toys you can find just about anything you can think of. From properties to boats to guitars to trampolines.

Wallapop - this is a location-based app, i.e. the things that will come up first are the items closest to you. You can then filter this down by category. It’s quite handy and surprisingly active.

Vibbo - this is similar to Milanuncios, it’s a site and an app though you might find it’s more toys and baby equipment than clothing in general on quite a few of these sites.

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3. Consignment Shops #

These are shops that people bring their second-hand items to and the shop sells them. The seller is paid a percentage of the sale by the shop only when it sells. The good thing about consignment shops, especially for the buyer, is that the quality is generally much higher because the shop will have quality guidelines that have to be met. Although as a seller you receive less money than if you sold it yourself individually, it takes all the hard work out of the selling which is very appealing to many busy people.

Casi Nuevo Bebe - literally ‘Almost New Baby’ These are physical shops as well as a website that are great for all manner of second-hand baby equipment such as prams, cots, monitors, bouncers, jumpers and toys. There are two actual physical shops in Palma (C/ Uetam 24 and C/ de La Libertat, 37) The large one on Calle Industria also has a large baby clothes section.

Halo Preloved - This is an online consignment shop for baby and children’s clothes in Mallorca. This site is very high quality and you’ll only really find designer brands here. They don’t accept supermarket brands or the likes of H&M or Primark. They also have very strict guidelines about the condition of the clothes that they accept so you can feel confident when buying. It’s an interesting concept and remember they are second-hand prices, so instead of paying 25 euros for a new jacket for your child in H&M, you can pick up an almost-new, high quality one by Ralph Lauren in fantastic condition for the same price. Discover the story of Halo Preloved's owner, Anne Anthony: click here.

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2. Charity Shops & Deixalles #

Charity Shops - There aren’t many of them but they do exist! I don’t know every charity shop on Mallorca, but there are certainly a handful in the South West where I’m familiar with. The rooting you can do at a charity shop is always exciting and the prices are generally very good. Many of the charity shops I know of seem to have a British connection and this makes them especially good for picking up second-hand books and games in English too.

Deixalles is a Mallorca-wide social project where selling second-hand furniture and goods (including clothes for all ages) is just the tip of the iceberg. They help socially excluded people get back into work through their many environmental projects. So when you buy any second-hand items from a Deixalles (and there are ones in Son Bugadelles, Soller, Palma, Felanitx and Inca you can be certain you are supporting a very good cause indeed.

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1. People You Know #

‘No Man Is an Island’ and this is even more true when you live on an island. You must never underestimate the power of friends and acquaintances, especially on a small island like Mallorca. When we had our daughter I don’t think we had to buy a single item of clothing for the first year. Other parents gave us whole bags of clothes that they no longer had use for, on top of the gifts people gave in general. It was really touching and so helpful.

We knew people who knew people who worked for house clearances and would give us bin-bags full of designer clothes, often still with the tags on, from rich households that didn’t want the bother of sorting through all their unwanted clothes anymore. And now, as our daughter outgrows her clothes, we are more than happy to pay it back by giving away clothes to new parents. It keeps the cycle going and it strengthens the bonds between neighbours and friends.

So have a serious think about where to buy the next item of clothing and also what to do with old clothes you no longer need or want. Because on top of the environmental responsibility we have, we are people who need connections. And without those, we are in danger of becoming our own island of consumerism.


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29 September, 2020


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