Palma Jump

20 February 2019

Fun at any age

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Palma Jump is a vast warehouse space in the semi-industrial outskirts of Palma. From the outside, it’s an unassuming place, much like the other warehouses around it. But walk inside, and you are hit with a cacophony of music and a swirl of people, mostly the under 13 set, but with a fair smattering of oldsters like me, all ready to do one thing: have some fun!

Fun because Palma Jump is a trampoline park.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “A trampoline park? Are you serious? At MY age?,” but just hear me out. This place really is a for everyone.

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Amenities #

Open 7 days a week, they boast 57 trampolines, a ninja warrior sector, and obstacle course-type diversions. The cost is €10/hour per person. It’s easy to pass an hour or two without getting bored. In fact, chances are you’ll be ready for a rest.

And in that case, you’re in luck. There is a snack bar, serving basic, but solid, food and drinks. There is a granita machine for the kids, fresh juices, coffee and tea in addition to the usual soft drinks and water. They also have a full-service bar serving cocktails, beer and wine.

The snack bar has crisps and other fast snacks, but they also serve hot food, like hamburgers and chips, as well as salads. Handy if you’re planning on making an afternoon of it. There is a sitting area next to the trampolines so you can keep an eye on the kids, and a separate dining area away from the noise if you need a break. Additionally, there is an upstairs area dedicated to parties, with tables and chairs set up so when everyone is done jumping, they can go upstairs for cake and ice cream.

Weekends are busy, so it’s advisable to call ahead and book if you’re a large group, and the upstairs rooms are by booking only. They offer packages to simplify the process and are reasonably organized. Many staff members speak English and all of them are friendly and helpful.

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Not Just For Kids #

Palma Jump also offers day and evening fitness classes every day but Sunday. They range from cardio only classes, to cardio-pilates, cardio-toning, and even modified kickboxing classes. The classes are held on trampolines and are meant to improve coordination, build muscle, and improve flexibility. It may sound like a piece of cake, but these 45-minute classes are designed to work up a sweat, and boy, do you ever.

The next day, you WILL feel it, but it’s such fun, you’ll want to go back.

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Child’s Play #

Lest we suggest it’s a place where adults have all the fun, there are loads of things to do with the kids. Beside all the trampoline related activities, there is a separate game’s area with things like air hockey and foosball.

The trampoline section is a completely enclosed environment, and the kids are free to go from activity to activity without worry. They are required to watch a short, slightly alarming, though informative, safety video covering the do’s and don’ts. It’s less than five minutes and is in English and Spanish.

So if you want a great place to pass a few hours with kids, or a place to jump-start (no pun intended) your fitness routine, take a look at Palma Jump!

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20 February, 2019


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