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21 September 2021

With the horrors of plastic disposables now being compared to smoking, and the likes of Greta Thunberg becoming the poster child of this generation, people are beginning to question more and more “What can I do?” The beautiful result that has arisen from this new perspective of caring for the environment and reducing waste is a new wave of up-cycling and creativity which serves to keep the pleasures of our lifestyle but in a more conscientious way that also protects our planet.

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Pre-loved For Women Is Taking Over Fashion #

Vintage clothing, op-shopping, thrift stores, pre-loved – none of these are new ideas. In the last decade or so, we have seen a fundamental shift from pre-loved fashion having a slightly tainted, “cheap” image to becoming akin to haute couture where those in the know will proudly show off their new treasure, boasting at the price they paid (or lack thereof!). This change comes not a moment too soon, owing to the astronomical rise of throwaway or fast fashion. According to a 2017 report on fast fashion in the UK, 300,000 tonnes of clothes became landfill in 2016. Although this is a reduction from 350,000 tonnes in 2012, these are just the numbers of clothes sent to landfill - they don’t include clothes donated or recycled.

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Further to this, the same study reports that while there was a reduction in the volume of clothes disposed, the amount of clothes purchased each year continues to rise, with a staggering 1.13 million tonnes bought in 2016 alone. Just in the UK. An alarming research survey conducted by Censuswide has further revealed that, in the summer just gone by, a predicted 50 million summer outfits would be purchased by Britons, to be worn just once.

All of this doom and gloom, however, does come with a silver lining. With the rise of environmental awareness, many high-street brands such as Zara, H&M and Mango have committed to tackling the issue of sustainable fashion, and a number of celebrities have become ambassadors in their own right; including most recently when Meghan Markle donned a recycled dress for her royal tour of Africa. While it may take some time to really reduce the effects of fast fashion worldwide, we now have a fantastic opportunity to make our own positive impact by sourcing pre-loved fashion, and take part in the glorious treasure-hunt for the bargains and hidden gems that await us!

Get Your Shopping On! Best Thrift Stores in Palma. #

While Palma hasn’t caught onto the vintage clothing market as quickly as say the UK or USA, little gems have been popping up. You'll find some great bargains if you know where to go.

Here is a list of some of my favourite spots in Palma.

Herris’ Op Shop

I stumbled upon this store by pure luck when I first arrived in Palma. With my thrifty eyes and ears always on the lookout for thrift store treasure troves, I glimpsed the shop windows of Herris’ store from the bus one day and knew I had to visit; and it didn’t disappoint!

This full-to-the brim tienda doesn’t even have a name or a sign – I’ve named it Herris’ after the friendly owner, Herris, who (along with his wife and adorable little son) will help you find anything you need, from Italian caffeteras to books, games, bric-a-brac and even fur coats. In true thrift store fashion, the store isn’t the most organised, so be prepared to take your time and get lost amongst the rows and row of clothes spread all over the place. Last year I managed to snag a haul of treasures including genuine leather boots and jacket, an Italian lace dress and silk scarf for less than 30 euros!

More recently, it appears that Herris has caught onto the desirability of pre-loved fashion and prices have increased. However, you can still get a decent bargain on quality pieces – I recently bought a long, down Zara coat, scarf, and belt (all in near-new condition) for a mere 25 euros. Linked to his local church, this store relies on donations and if you have some quality pieces of clothing that you no longer wear, Herris is open to negotiating a store credit or swap for something in-store.

One of my favourite segunda mano tiendasin Palma, keep an eye out for the red Santander signage on General Riera and you will find this eclectic op-shop right next door.

Address: Carrer del General Riera 50, 07010 Palma

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Urban Vintage & Second Hand Market

By far, this is my favourite thrift store in Palma. Urban presents as a more upmarket thrift store; the clothes are well organised, very good condition, with a mix of kitsch and everyday fashion items (think denim jackets, converse shoes, and retro 80’s sports jackets).

The layout of the store is easy to navigate and they have two changerooms and flattering lighting and mirrors (a minor, yet important detail that I find all too many clothes shops are severely lacking!). There are always a handful of other hopefuls sifting through the shelves, so clearly it’s popular with those in the know, and the best thing – the clothes are REALLY well priced. Trousers and skirts are generally between 3-6 euros, and you’re looking at around 5-15 euros for jackets, depending on the brand and condition.

Urban has been open for four years and is very centrally located, making it a place to add to your must-sees. Urban has a sister store, Quint, in Blanquerna, and there is a website where you can find extensive details around how to sell your pre-loved items if you so desire.

Contact: Carrer Uetam, 18, 07006 Palma / +34 971 93 75 26

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Rita’s House

If you’re looking for some choices of timeless, classy pieces to add to your collection then Rita’s House is the place to go. Quite small, but well organized, Rita has made the most of the space with clothes squeezed into every corner.

Rita has run this store for seven years, and it’s obvious that it’s a labour of love. The offerings that she has are divided into two types; genuine vintage articles that have been hand-picked and sourced by Rita herself from all over Europe, and high-quality fashion pieces that have been sold to the store by individuals. If you have any classic articles of clothing that you are interested in selling, Rita will offer to buy these from you directly, but be warned: regular high-street brands such as Zara, H&M and the like won’t get seen here. Think luxury fashion and tailored articles.

Whilst the quality and brands offered at Rita’s House are definitely at the top of the scale, the prices are extremely reasonable. You won’t be coming away with 3 Euro trousers, however if you’re looking to invest in quality, you will still find incredible bargains here. Also, there is often a sales rack/box with marked-down prices, so keep an eye out!

Located right next to Plaça Major, it couldn’t be any more central or accessible.

Contact: Carrer de les Monges, 8, 07001 Palma / +34 871 57 46 47

GGI Clothes Swap

Not exactly a thrift-store per se, however these regular clothing swaps are an event not to miss!

Girl Gone International (GGI) is – as the name suggests – a social networking group for female expats all over the world, with around 250,000 members. The GGI arm in Mallorca has been running clothes swap events in Palma which are scheduled every 6-8 weeks, and these events are such a fabulous idea – I’ve always come away with at least a couple of beautiful, quality items, not to mention the fun atmosphere and meeting other like-minded women is an added bonus.

The GGI clothes swaps are well-organised and scheduled, and cost nothing! The only requirement is that you bring at least one item of clothing that you no longer want, and at the end of the event (the clothes swap itself usually lasts around 45 minutes) each person takes a small bag of leftover clothes to deposit in a charity bin. The way the events are run is as follows; first, everyone arrives and puts their clothes in the room. While the organisers lay everything out (separated onto different tables i.e. one for dresses, trousers/skirts, tops, shoes etc.), there is a chance to mingle and chat for 15 minutes or so. Once the clothes are ready it’s ready, set, go! After around 45 minutes all the ladies are smiling and happy, with arms/bags full of their latest haul. The organisers then pack the remaining clothes into bags and distribute to the waiting ‘shoppers’ to take away with them.

Contact: Mallorca Girl Gone International Facebook group

Update Your Wardrobe In An Affordable Way #

With the change of season well and truly upon us, no doubt there are those of us who are looking to update our wardrobes, and there is no shortage of options available to do so in a budget-friendly and environmentally-conscious way. What fabulous new outfits are you going to add to your winter wardrobe this year?!

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Editor's Note: Please remember that COVID has changed shop owners and hours.

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21 September, 2021


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