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17 September 2020

"Buying Second-Hand and Clothing Rentals Expected to Grow Post COVID-19." Jessica Finch in Retail Insider, May 06, 2020

Even before COVID-19, pre-loved clothes for both kids and adults have gained in popularity with people looking for a more sustainable alternative to mass-produced fast fashion which is the third most polluting industry in the world, and one of the largest consumers of water. Each year about 60 million tonnes of new fibres are used to make garments, and without any viable concept to use what is discarded, three-quarters of these products are disposed in toxic landfills or incineration plants.

It’s not only environmental concerns, however, that make people buy pre-loved. In the fashion world, vintage has become quite the buzz these days, and the growing interest in second-hand products doesn’t stop at textiles. “Shabby Chic” and “Upcycling” have recently become synonyms for a creative, colourful and relaxed way of decorating our homes.

The economic impact of COVID-19 will not only change the way we live, but also how and where we shop. With the financial uncertainties and the loss of many jobs, many among us will be much more careful with money than before the pandemic struck. “While some consumer habits may be obliterated, others may flourish”, writes Jessica Finch in the Canadian Magazine Retail-Insider, and she is certain that recommence is will be one of them.

Where to Go Hunting For the Best Pieces #

Buying pre-loved and vintage is not about heading to the mall and getting what you want or need. It is an adventure! And it promises a rush of excitement when you get your hands on the one piece you would have dreamt of all your life had you only known it existed. Our ULTIMATE GUIDE Vintage and Pre-Loved shows the way to the best hunting grounds on the island.

Your Guide to Pre-loved Fashion in Palma

Style and street cred on a budget, whilst caring for the environment. Our writer & second-hand aficionado Jessica Tatam takes you on a shopping tour.

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Vintage shopping Ritas House Palma de Mallorca min

Second-Hand Kids’ Clothes

With all the financial, environmental and social gains to be made from buying and selling second-hand let's take a look at the top 5 ways to go about it on Mallorca for kids' clothes.

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second hand kids clothes Baby natur

Anne Anthony of Halo Preloved

Meet the founder of the first all Mallorcan online shop for pre-loved kids’ fashion

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Anne Halo Preloved Affordable mallorca

Vintage Furniture Is In

How and where to find the best retro pieces on the island

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Vintage furniture shop mallorca

The Famous Consell Antiques Market

The place to go for interior decorators, collectors and casual browsers offering an extraordinary mixture of antique and vintage pieces ranging from jewellery, toys, clothes, art, home décor, glassware, and general tat, it’s like an amusement park

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Typical Mallorca Woven Bags

The Rana Fleamarket

Fundación RANA (Red de Ayuda a Niños Abusados) is a charity organization created with the aim to prevent sexual child abuse through awareness and school programs. To raise funds they have a really good fleamarket once a year in September at Palma’s Parc de la Mar.

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RANA fleamarket Palma de Mallorca min

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17 September, 2020


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