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18 November 2019

"Doing good not only helps the lives of the less fortunate, but the helpers' lives as well."

When you were a child there was probably nothing more thrilling than receiving a gift. Unwrapping a present? Whether you guessed what was inside or had no clue, one thing you knew for certain: We wanted it! The older you get, however, the more you may realize that giving sometimes makes you happier than receiving. In this sense, volunteering can be selfless and selfish at the same time – by helping others you do ourselves a favour.

Whether I get involved out a feeling of responsibility and moral obligation towards others or want to provide for your own future thinking, if I help others now they will help me in when I'll need it; whether it's compassion with others or gratitude for something valuable that was given to me - there are many reasons to take up volunteering.

What you'll gain in return, apart from other people's 'thank you' and the immediate feeling of gratification that comes with being of use? You will most certainly meet like-minded people, boost your self-esteem and sense of purpose, and play an active role in shaping the world around you. Not a bad payoff, don't you think?

Read our ULTIMATE GUIDE Volunteering & Charity to find out where and how you can get involved on Mallorca.

1 – Charities and Volunteering on Mallorca

What you can do and where you are needed

Fundacion Rana charity mallorca min

2 – Directory of Charities on Mallorca

Choose the ones you'd like to support

Be the Reason Someone Smiles

3 – Fragile Seas Ahead

About NGOs like Save the Med and the Seabin Project and how you can get involved to help clean up the ocean around us

Plastic pollution ocean environmental problem turtles

4 – Animal Rights on Mallorca

Find out about the legal situation of animals on the Balearic island and where you are needed to help prevent abuse

Happy sheep looking up

5 – The Quiet Season – Find Meaning in Your Life

How volunteering can be part of your strategy to find a sense of purpose and meet like-minded friends in the process

The quiet season 1 min

6 - Affordable Mallorca Participates in Radio One´s Christmas Children´s Appeal

In an interview with Izzy at Radio On, Holly, our Director Client Solutions, and Ulla, our Editor, explain the values Affordable Mallorca stands for.

Radio one mallorca

Our ULTIMATE GUIDES are ongoing projects. It's worth coming back and checking out what's new!

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18 November, 2019

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