16 June 2021

Mallorca is a market island and if there is one thing we have direly missed during the COVID-19 lockdown – of course apart from being torn apart from friends and maybe even family – it was the weekly leisurely stroll along the stalls, stopping here and there to look and smell and be inspired by the abundance of fresh local produce vendors had on offer.

Although markets like the one in Andratx stayed open during lockdown, the number of stalls was severely reduced and limited to the basic foods and seedlings for your herb and veggie garden.

With the gradual easing of lockdown regulations, life has come back to Mallorca’s market squares, and even café terraces are open to sit down and enjoy a cup of café con leche which is part of many market goers’ shopping ritual.

Watch this video by Cas Dollamore for an impression of how it feels to be the Andratx market at times like these.

Take Care #

For many expats, market day is a great day for socializing. This is where we meet our friends and have a chat and exchange the latest village news. Please, let’s all be mindful. It’s so easy to forget about social distancing when we see ourselves face to face with friends we haven’t seen in a long time. Wear a mask and stay firmly by the no-hugging principle. A minimum of 1.5 – better 2 - metres distance is what we need to stay safe.

  • Cas Dollamore

  • Cas Dollamore

  • Cas Dollamore

  • Cas Dollamore

  • Cas Dollamore

Everything You Need to Know #

As of this writing, we are still far from being back to the “normal” state of being where almost every village and town has, besides its own weekly produce market, a section with non-food stalls selling everything from household goods to (fake designer) handbags to handcrafted footwear. And it might still be a long haul to get back to animal fairs and mushroom festivals, and antiques markets.

Whether you feel like dreaming of the good pre-corona old times or want to move forward towards what they call the “new normal”, our ULTIMATE GUIDE Markets is like a good friend. It takes you by the hand to show you all the best places with the richest, liveliest, most authentic atmosphere - whether it's locally grown fruit and veg you're after or the bargain of your life… with a bit of luck, we’ll soon be able to say again: It’s Market Day!

Florist stall market Andratx post covid min

Cas Dollamore

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Our ULTIMATE GUIDEs are ongoing projects: It's worth coming back and checking out what's new!

16 June, 2021

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