The RANA Fleamarket at the Parc de la Mar

9 October 2020

“I get highs, to be totally honest, in second-hand shops. My hunting instinct, I expect, really kicks in.” – Islandic singer-songwriter Bjork

No! We definitely do not wish for a second COVID-19 wave and another lockdown. Probably, there is no one out there who isn't keeping their fingers crossed so we can get to the “new normal” as smoothly as possible. To be locked up in your house for weeks on end can be pretty tough, and it became almost a fashion among family members, friends and colleagues to trade the best tips to stay sane. They went from borrowing a dog as an excuse to walk (I heard some people actually rented out their pets for a fee) to getting a flight simulator and learning to fly.

One of the less spectacular, but favourite pastimes, however, was simple house cleaning. It was almost as if those who were lucky enough not to catch the virus (and we reach out with compassion to those who did) caught the spring-cleaning bug. Households on this island have probably never been cleaner, and closets have never been emptier than now.

Where did all that clutter go? To dump it at the nearest Punto Verde was not an option as those were closed. It could well be that it went into boxes and rubbish bags and then into the garage or the spare bedroom or a corner of the balcony. And now, what?

RANA fleamarket Palma de Mallorca 3 min

Donate Your Stuff #

Fundación RANA (Red de Ayuda a Niños Abusados) is an organization founded with the aim to prevent sexual child abuse through awareness and school programs. They have a really good flea market in September normally at Parc de la Mar, and they are happy to take the stuff you don’t want or need. Confirmation by the Ayuntamiento of whether the market will take place and the date is still pending, but organizing the market must still continue. The flea market not only offers amazing quality for anybody´s wallet, it is also a key opportunity for the volunteers to raise money to continue the efforts to prevent sexual abuse against children on the island.

If you’ve done some house cleaning and have things to give away that someone else might use, please donate it to RANA. You will kill two birds with one stone (please, leave the wildlife alone!) – You will recycle for the wellbeing of our planet and give the proceeds to a good cause.

Watch their video (in Spanish language)

Who to Call #

If you want to donate, please call 971 724795 or write to [email protected]. You can swing by the office on Bonaire Street in Palma and a team member will help to unload. There are other drop off contacts and locations too, just ask!

RANA fleamarket Palma de Mallorca min

Go on a Treasure Hunt #

For those of you who would (also) like to browse and buy, the RANA Fleamarket takes place every year in September at Palma’s Parc de la Mar.
Publisher´s Note: The 2020 event has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions. Items will be sold on-line at . Please support this innovative effort. There are auction items too!


9 October, 2020


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