Grapefruit Mocktail - The Perfect Thirst Quencher

19 June 2022

A grapefruit is just a lemon that saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. ~ Oscar Wilde

No matter what my Bavarian grandma told me about getting the 'stomach bugs' if you drink anything cold from the fridge – on a hot day, I gulp this mocktail down in no time at all. I just can't help it.

Is Grapefruit Healthy? #

Most people either love or hate the less than sweet, sour taste of grapefruit. The rule of thumb is, the redder the flesh, the sweeter the grapefruit. On Mallorca, most of the varieties Ruby Red Grapefruit is one of the sweetest grapefruit varieties available. The redder the pulp, the healthier for you compared to the whiter grapefruit as the red contains lycopene and beta-carotene which is what make the flesh red. These nutrients are also known to give you a Healthy Libido, Mallorca-Style.

Grapefruit Lime Ice Juice Mocktail

Where to Find it? #

If you are a committed locavore, Sóller is the village that has the most citrus on the island. Most farm land has lemon trees on it. Grapefruit is not promoted in the local cuisine as much. In the past 30 years or so, people have planted grapefruit trees since farmers in Murcia, Spain have been promoting this fruit in their local gastronomy. Commercial grapefruit agriculture has not caught on in Spain but you can find the varieties from Murcia at any weekly village market or in your local grocer. Check out my recipe below and stay cool.

Ingredients (per glass) #

  • Juice of 1/2 grapefruit
  • 1/2 small bottle of tonic water
  • some mineral water
  • 1 slice of fresh ginger
  • 2 thin slices of lime
  • 3 ice cubes

Preparation #

  • Fill ice cubes into a long drink glass
  • Cut ginger in strips, put in together with the lime
  • Top up with tonic and mineral water

AM Tip #1: To get the real fizz-ahh! effect, make sure all the ingredients and the glass you use are fresh from fridge (or freezer, as far as the ice cubes are concerned)

AM Tip #2: In case you don't know what to do with the other half of the grapefruit and tonic – just have another!

AM TIP #3: For the ideal temperature for all your drinks during those hot summer months we recommend pouring them into special freeze cooling cups.


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19 June, 2022


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