English-Speaking Movies in Spanish Cinemas (VOSE)

English-Speaking Movies in Spanish Cinemas

You are a cinema lover? Well, we are so lucky here in Mallorca - many new releases are screened in Palma in English, with Spanish subtitles, and usually they come out here around the same dates as in the UK and the USA. At any time there are usually between three and five movies showing in English in Palma.

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So, where to go to see them? #

Cine Ciutat at S’Escorxador in Carrer de L’Emperadriu Eugènia 6, is a great option - a small independent cinema which shows all movies in their original languages. Their programme usually includes at least one film in English, and often more.

Aficine Group Cinemas
The Mallorcan ‘Aficine’ group own six multi-screen cinemas in the Balearic Islands, three of which are in Palma and regularly show films in English:

Cines Ocimax
Carrer del Bisbe Pere de Puigdorfila 1 (near the Valldemossa exit on the Ma-20 - the Palma ring road). This cinema and Cine Ciutat also often show screenings of live concerts, opera and ballet.

Sala Augusta
at Avinguda Joan March 2 (Central Palma).

Cines Rívoli
at Carrer de Antoni Marquès 25 (Central Palma).

Points of interest

Free parking is available at all of the Aficine Group localities in Palma - Ocimax offers 4 hours free on site, and the others offer 3 hours of free parking at the nearby underground public car park of Avenida del Comte de Sallent. Just get your parking ticket stamped at the cinema box office.

Affordable tip:
Aficine have a loyalty card ‘Tarjeta Aficine’ which is free of charge - just ask at any of their box offices. Card holders are entitled to reduced price tickets on certain days of the week, and a free ticket on their birthday (photo id must be shown as proof)! Points accumulated with every visit can be used to purchase cinema tickets, or snacks and soft drinks.

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Affordability! #

For the best deal - go to the cinema on a Wednesday when both Cine Ciutat and the Aficine Group offer tickets at €3.90! Regular price is usually about €7 - €7.50. Aficine offers their card holders a price of €5.50 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Buying a block of prepaid tickets also has an inbuilt discount - great for regular cine-goers.

Another bargain offer if you go to Ocimax on a Thursday is your cinema ticket, a meal (one course only) and drink (which may be a soft drink, beer or wine) - all for just €9.50! You may choose from any of the eight restaurants / cafes in the Ocimax complex and have your meal and drink before or after seeing your movie. This offer only applies on Thursdays which are not public holidays.

Please note that all of the above prices and offers are correct at the time of writing, but may be subject to change at any time.

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Other Cinemas on the Island #

Aficine also have a cinema in the town of Manacor but it tends to show films in Spanish only. The same can be said for the Artesiete Fan cinema, at the Fan shopping centre near the airport.

There is also the Cinesa Festival Park - this is located about 7.1 km from Palma on the Ma-13a Motorway from Palma to Inca, at the Mallorca Fashion Outlet shopping centre. They do quite often show films in English and also screenings of live concerts.

What's on? #

For full listings and performance times at all of the cinemas mentioned, please check out the local Spanish daily newspapers or the English language newspaper the Daily Bulletin, or the cinemas’ websites.

Affordable Tip: If you are learning or trying to improve your Spanish - try watching movies in Spanish. Even if you don’t understand everything you’ll find it helps enormously - and you’ll have many more movies to choose from!

So as you see, there is really no need to miss out on seeing your favourites on the big screen whilst in Mallorca, with the added advantage that cinemas here are often way more affordable than in the UK!




www.cinesa.es/Cines/Festival -Park

14 January, 2019


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