7 January 2021

You are about to make the big leap and start a new life on Mallorca and want to bring your pet? Or live here already and plan to adopt a four-pawed friend from a shelter here on the island? Or you have found yours already and love it to bits – and wish to know all about how to keep it happy and healthy? Then read on!

Everything Pet Lovers Need to Know #

Our ULTIMATE GUIDE Pets has all the relevant information, from the formalities of bringing your pet to the island to seeing it through the hot season and keeping it safe from diseases like Leishmaniasis or tick-related infections - and also from snake and caterpillar attacks!

Since news reports about a dog having been tested positive for corona virus infection in Hong Kong, many have started wondering about possible risks and precautions to take. Read this article to find out if your four-legged friend(s) can transmit the disease or catch it from you.

List of Topics with Direct Links #

Bring Your Pets

Everything you need to know in order to have a "purrrfect" trip and a seamless journey through "pawsport" control!

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Cat Dog Friends

Dog-Friendly Beaches

Most beaches on the Island are strictly for humans in summer. We show you where you can give your dog a swim.

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Dog Friendly Beach

How to Protect Your Dog in a Heatwave

Help your four-pawed friend cope with the sometimes extreme temperatures of the Mallorcan summer.

Click here to learn more about safety in the heat
dog hot heatwave

SOS Animals

A guide to pet rescue and emergency services on Mallorca

Click here to get a list of places that can help
Abandonned cat mallorca min

Directory of Animal Rescue and Adoption Centres on Mallorca

Where you can find them and they can find you plus places to take neglected pets

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Rescue animal

Animal Rights on Mallorca

Details about the legal situation on animals on the Balearic Islands and what you can do to prevent abuse

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Happy sheep looking up


With no vaccine for humans and a vaccine for animals that is only partially effective, we explain the best protection against this disease transmitted by sandflies is prevention.

Click here to learn more about this common, heartbreaking and deadly disease
Leishmaniasis banner 1

An Invasion of Ticks

After recent complaints about a tick plague on the island, we show you what you can do to protect your family and pets from these little nasties.

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Mallorca's Most Dangerous Insect

Small, furry, cute – and poisonous. Beware of these creepy crawlies in Spring!

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Caterpillar On Twig

Snakes on Mallorca

Yes, they exist. Read how dangerous are they to you and your four-pawed friends.

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Viperine Snake Sunbathing

Our ULTIMATE GUIDEs are ongoing projects: It's worth coming back and checking out what's new!

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7 January, 2021


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