Easter Season Kick Off

14 March 2023

Whatever you call the beginning of season of new growth, Ready, Steady...Spring!

In the Easter season, Mallorca has far more to offer than bunnies and egg hunting. For some people Easter means bunnies, chocolate and hunting for colorful eggs. For others, it’s an emotional time for reflection during a religious holiday. For the island of Mallorca it also means…go time! The season has officially started.

Easter Brunch Boathouse

What Easter Means on the Island #

After a lovely autumn, a mild winter and a beautiful Spring, it’s time to prepare for Summer. High season is around the corner and sun, beach and boats await. No, we’re not there yet, but usually around Easter you can feel the air getting warmer, the wind getting breezier and the atmosphere rising. After a sleepy Winter, people are excited and energized to kick off a new season. Restaurants and cafés were closed for months and the hotels shut down for the winter, but this is all coming to life now.

With the back and forth of travel and social distancing restrictions, hotels and restaurants are tentatively opening. Make sure to keep in touch with your favorite places on IG and Facebook to let them know that you are interested in joining them. Now is a good time to get in touch.

Cliffs Mallorca

Semana Santa & Other Holidays #

Mallorca is home to people from over 128 countries. We have a multitude of traditions but Easter is usually the start signal for the summer. Religious holidays often come with some time off from work, it’s also a popular time of year for visitors to enjoy a prolonged weekend on our beautiful island. In Mallorca, Semana Santa - Holy Week is an eventful time of the year with lots of activities and festivities around the island. The most important ones are of course the Easter processions which can be seen in many places, ending with the biggest, and most joyful one, in Palma.

This year, travel restrictions have been lifted as COVID infection rates have decreased. The Balearic Government is allowing all visitors. Religious services are both in person and online again this year so you'll be able to join your family and friends in a virtual celebration. I have a Persian friend who celebrated Nowruz with her family by cooking all of her favorite foods and then having a virtual party. That type of event isn't for everyone but she is making the most out of this current time.

Easter celebration Mallorca min

How to Stay Active During Holidays #

As my friends are showing me, this season is so much more than Easter. If you are not religious or honor other faith traditions, the weather is cool enough for hiking. Check out our Two of Mallorca's Most Spectacular Hiking Trails for a complete guide to enjoying the island.

If you are more inclined to brave the cooler waters this time of year, check out our Best Beaches in Mallorca Guide to find a cala that fits your mood. The weather in Mallorca in April is warm enough to stick your toes in the sand and enjoy some beach life. If you like your swim in the sea to be nice and refreshing, this is the time to jump into the water. In springtime, the Mediterranean hasn’t reached its peak temperatures yet, but some might say it’s warm enough for a swim with an average temperature of 18-20 degrees in April-May. Though, you can see people swimming in the sea all year round, since the water rarely get colder than 15 degrees. A chilly swim is good for your health!

Almond Trees

Mallorca Weather in April #

April in Mallorca also means that the temperature has reached a pleasant 17-20 degrees, with approximately eleven hours of sun per day. The weather is lovely, the island is green and it’s the calm before the fun and friendly storm of visitors in July and August.

Late spring in Mallorca means best of both worlds. It’s the perfect temperature for hiking or cycling, or why not go rollerblading along Palma's mile-long promenade by the sea or go for a road trip through the stunning landscape of Mallorca’s countryside? Join Mallorca Odyssey on 9th of April to enjoy kayaking, biking and hiking around our beautiful island from Andratx to Pollença.

Kayak in Dragonera

These Mallorcan Villages are a Must #

Already in April the number of tourists normally start to build up but the island is still very calm compared to the summer months. This year is an exception with COVID restrictions. This is the time to pay a visit to the beautiful and historical mountain villages of Valldemosa, Deìa, Sóller or Fornalutx, just to mention a few, and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of having a coffee on a little plaza by the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. These lovely villages can get crowded during peak season. This time of year is orange harvest time. For more information about villages and guides, check out Village Profiles or type in the name of the activity and find a place that fits your schedule.

Oranges Soller

Make sure to... #

And before the temperature starts to heat up, climbing well over thirty degrees in summer, seize the moment to soak up some sun without the risk of overheating. Start your day with a brunch on a relaxing terrace, eat a spontaneous tapas lunch in Palma, have a cocktail in one of the beach clubs and enjoy the sunset from a roof top somewhere.. After a long winter, it’s time to take life outdoors again. Go pick a few oranges and try your hand at this traditional and delicious orange and almond cake. Enjoy this beautiful place and all the island offers!!

Spanish Orange Cake with Almonda

Learn how to make a delicious cake with this easy to follow recipe to savour the local goodness of Soller oranges. Video is 3:08 mins.

Click here to watch the video
Spanish Orange Cake youtube video

14 March, 2023


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