28 January 2020

During the quieter and cooler months of the year, Mallorca becomes a paradise for fans of the Great Outdoors. Hiking and walking are exciting ways to explore the island, all for the price of a pair of sturdy comfortable shoes, a little backpack with sunscreen and a light jacked and a water bottle! Let the Affordable Mallorca team be your tour guides to hikes all over the island, so you can choose the ones that best suit you!

Mallorca's Mountain Ranges #

Mallorca has two mountain ranges: The lower Serra de Llevant in the northeast with its highest peak, the Puig Morei, standing at 564 m; and the Serra de Tramuntana running all the way along the northwest coast of the island. It has an overall length of 90 kms, is up to 15 kms wide in some areas, and covers approximately 30% of Mallorca's territory. Its highest peak is the Puig Major with 1,445 m, followed by the Penyal de Migdia with 1,398 m.

UNESCO World Heritage Site #

In 2011, the Serra de Tramuntana was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the cultural landscape category with a view to the wealth and diversity of its scenery - partly natural and partly man-made -, with holm oak and pine forests alternating with farmland, terraced olive groves and citrus or almond tree plantations in the valleys. All of this in combination with the most spectacular panoramic seaviews make Mallorca a ture hikers' paradise. The Sa Dragonera Nature Reserve as well as a number of other protected areas of special interest (Áreas Naturales de Especial Interés - ANEI), the marine reserves of the island of El Toroand the Illes Malgrats, and the natural monuments of Torrent de Pareis and Fonts Ufanes all form part of the Heritage Site. In addition, there are several public estates that can be visited, some of them featuring signposted routes and shelters for hikers.

"Millennia of agriculture in an environment with scarce resources has transformed the terrain and displays an articulated network of devices for the management of water revolving around farming units of feudal origins. The landscape is marked by agricultural terraces and inter-connected water works - including water mills - as well as dry stone constructions and farms." – Unesco World Heritage Website

The Best Routes #

1 – Sa Trapa and the Galatzó: Coastline to Mountaintop

Serra De Tramuntana Mountian Views 1

2 – The GR221

Hike GR221 tourist girl orange backpack enjoys view

3 – Lloseta to Santa Llucia

Lloseta to sant llucia 2

4 – Randa to Santuari di Cura

Randa Santuari De Cura 2

5 – Santa Maria to Orient

Hike Santa Maria To Orient Mallorca Img 5189

6 – The Archduke Way

The Archduke Way 15

7 – Guell to LLuc on the Night of the Pilgrims

Marxa de guell a lluc a peu 2

8 – Rock Climbing

Deep Water Solo Cave

9 – Free Guided Hike on Ancient Road to Sóller

Port Of Soller Bay View

Plans for the Future #

A new hiking route is planned along the coastal line in the of south of Mallorca: the Route of the Lighthouses, or, in MallorquínLa Ruta dels Fars. It will run all the way from Cap Salines to Andratx where it will connect with the GR221, or Dry Stone Route, that runs through the Serra de Tramuntana. It will lead past six old lighthouses: Colónia de Sant Jordi, s'Estalella, Cap Blanc, Cap Enderrocat, Porto Pí and Cala Figuera, the Porto Pí lighthouse being one of the oldest operating lighthouses in the world.

A second new route is being studied, leading from Artà to Cap Salines through Manacor, Felanitx and Ca’s Concos. Getting all the necessary permissions and setting up the new paths will take at least two years, but once these two hiking routes are added to the existing network, you'll be able to get around the entire island in your walking boots.

Affordable Mallorca Tip: It's a good idea to download Consell’s free mobile App “Hiking in Mallorca”. On your next hikes, it will give you an exact position, tell you whether the path you're on is public or private, and point out which sites of architectural or cultural importance are close by. >>


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28 January, 2020


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