Winter Storms on Mallorca

11 January 2024

Storms don't come to teach us painful lessons, rather they were meant to wash us clean. ~ Shannon L. Alder

There is not a single soul on Mallorca (well, maybe apart from the tourists) who is not awe struck when a storm hits the island. Photos are flying around the internet from the mainland and Palma. Here, in my finca in Port Andratx, we had very stormy weather today. A tornado went right across our land coming up from the Andratx bay. I

t pushed open my upper terrace door and loads of water came gushing in. I was lucky I didn't yet sit on my yoga mat. Half a minute later and I would have had a free ice cold shower. I heard in the radio Palma was hard hit with palm trees blocking the motorway.

Torrent of port andratx in rain

What we had in mind in our prayers for the rain's of summer are the long, gentle type of precipitation that cools down the air and freshens the atmosphere and eventually filters through to the deeper layers of the earth to reach the roots of the plant – in short: every gardener's delight to help quench the parched earth.

What we got in winter? A torrential downpour. And tornadoes too. Winds topped 144km/hr when predictions only called for 70km/hr. From Palma's Paseo Maritimo to ParcBit Tech Park, storms toppled roofs that damaged cars. Trees fell on the motorways.

See for yourself! Take a look at our Facebook page for more photos and videos.

Andratx lightening storm

Massive Storm Strikes Mallorca

Sudden Rainstorm Hits My Garden

Click here for a short view on the rain
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Port Andriano

Port Andratx

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11 January, 2024


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