Directory of Charities on Mallorca

6 January 2023

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Affordable Mallorca supports charity and volunteerism in general, but is unable to verify every organisations status and veracity. Please make sure you donate your time and money with a reliable entity.

Cultural #

At Risk #

  • Zaqueo - Feeding and housing those at risk.
  • Asociació Tardor - Located at Calle Reina Constanza 10 to feed the hungry.
  • Cruz Roja - The Red Cross Spain.
  • Yachting Gives Back - Delivering non-perishable foods to those in need.
  • SI Mallorca - Germans in Mallorca taking action for those at risk.
  • Salvation Army - Providing food and clothing.
  • SOS Mamas - Started by Malloquín women. Supporting families in need with primary necessities.
Zaqueo min


Children #

  • Fundación RANA (Red de Ayuda a Niños Abusados) - Prevention of sexual child abuse through awareness and school programs.
  • Fundación Natzaret - A local children´s shelter serving thousands of children over its 80 year history.
  • Allen Graham 4 Kidz - Providing for children in foster care and orphanages.
  • JoyRon Foundation - Fundraising for children´s projects including palliative care facilities.
Joy Ron Foundation min

JoyRon Foundation

Teens Mentoring #

  • Fundación Shambhala - Offering tutoring and support for young adults 18 to 25 years old that no longer qualify for government subsidies. Given the high unemployment rate of this age group, they do community service, study, fundraising and sport for discipline.

Elderly #

  • Age Concern - Helping with emotional and financial support for this forgotten sector of society.
Age concern min

Age Concern

Health #

Disabled #

  • Amadip - Providing employment for the mentally disabled. There are also restaurants run by Amadip that are worth frequenting.

Environmental #

  • Save the Med - Best known for organising beach cleans but also have prevention and scientific research programs for a holistic approach.
Save the med world clean up day people cleaning beach

Save the med

Animals #

SOS Animal Mallorca

SOS Animal Mallorca


6 January, 2023


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