Living in Sineu, a Vibrant Community

A Vibrant Community #

Most people want to shop around to make sure they have purchased a home in the perfect village. If you count yourselves among this crowd, here’s what happened to a couple we met last week.

Port Andratx Aerial View

It turned out Peter and Louise manage a large property of a well-known British expat in Port Andratx. They have decades of experience crewing on yachts, working on estates and knowing that days off call for a total break from the Port. When I asked where they lived, they said they settled on a property in Sineu.

Sineu Field Windmill

And this is their story

Peter and Louise had looked around at several villages that have prices more moderate than the coastline and decided on Sineu because the house was in good working order, electrical wires and plumbing had just been replaced, and new stairs to the deck and a new pump for the pool. The asking price was €245,000. After a bit of bargaining with sellers who were of advanced age, they settled on a price tag of €183,000. This was late Spring.

As the weather warmed, one weekend they were getting ready for an early turn-in because they thought Sineu was a sleepy village.

Almond Blossom

"This was the moment they found out the location came with an unexpected bonus."

Peter and Louise heard music and people laughing. Nothing upsetting, just sounded like people were having fun. Turns out that Sineu has a vibrant community that enjoys an impromptu gathering of camaraderie and merrymaking. They got dressed and joined the neighbors who welcomed them heartedly. Unexpectedly, nightlife in Sineu became fun for them.

Whatever time of year you buy, wherever you find yourself, there will be at least a few neighbors that help you feel welcome in your new community.

Make sure to check out the famous Sineu Market and experience some of this lovely village ambiance

24 August, 2018


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