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2 August 2022

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell combined to obtain a wine with body and character. ~ Jaume Bergadà discussing the character of his wine, Febrer.

In the Blanca Terra winery in Montuïri, Jaume Bergadà holds a glass of red wine in his left hand as he describes with precision, clarity and passion the characteristics of his wine Febrer: "Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell combined to obtain a wine with body and character". The oenologist is surrounded by a large group of tourists who listen attentively to his words in the evening light, trying to perceive with their eyes, nose and mouth the deep ruby colour, the touch of wood and ripe fruit (such as currants and plums), the spicy and balsamic nuances, and the slight hint of hazelnut and chalky notes that are indicative of the soil of the vineyard.

Jaume Bergadà has known the world of wine for more than 30 years, since helping in the family vineyard at the age of 12. His audience is diverse, people of all ages, coming from different countries and a heterogeneous knowledge of the world of wine. They are all united by a curiosity to learn more about Mallorcan wines, which have been experiencing a renaissance for several decades.

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A Must See Cultural Experience #

A commitment to wine tourism: Visits, tastings and numerous gastronomic and cultural experiences.

In September 2020, the Febrer family inaugurated the new facilities on their property in Montuïri. The original project of founder Bernat Febrer, intended to fulfill both his desire to return to his roots and his free time, has evolved over the years into a modern and successful family winery.

The aim of the Febrer family is not only to produce quality wines, but also to promote wine tourism. With this in mind, they have designed the new winery, a space that brings visitors closer to oenology. Already at the entrance and in the outdoor areas we can see machines and equipment from another time, which bring us closer to the work in the fields and vineyards of that era. In the new winery, functionality and elegance dominate, as well as a clear commitment to state-of-the-art machines and technologies that reflect the way wine is made and the chosen winery model. Walking through the different areas, we learn more about the different stages of winemaking. You can also visit the museum, where machines and equipment from past centuries tell us about the history of wine in the region.

An audio guide, which can be downloaded to your mobile phone with a code, explains the various exhibits in different languages.

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A quality product deserves to be enjoyed with others. And that is the philosophy of the Febrer in their wine tourism offer.

Open Year-Round #

But the experience does not have to end with a visit to the winery and the museum. Blanca Terra has developed a wide gastronomic and cultural offer around wine. Aperitifs, Mallorcan snacks, wine pairings with cheese or chocolate (yes, chocolate) and a wide range of menus that allow visitors to discover other treasures of the Mallorcan land.

The winery and the museum can be visited without prior reservation or guide and the opening hours are:

  • From 1 April to 31 October: daily from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • From 1 November to 31 March: daily from 10 am to 2 pm.

It also has facilities for events of all kinds for ten people or more, making it ideal for family and company celebrations. More information on the conditions and prices of visits, tastings and gastronomic experiences can be found on their website.

Thanks to the spaciousness of its rooms, Blanca Terra meets all the conditions in terms of safety and prevention of contagion by Covid.

Wines Produced by Locally-Grown Grapes #

The wines of Blanca Terra, quality and sustainable wines from the land of Mallorca

Blanca Terra is one of the wineries that have joined the Vi de la Terra Mallorca geographical indication. All Blanca Terra wines are made from grapes grown and harvested in their vineyards in Porreres. Both local and foreign grape varieties are grown there.

  • Among the white grape varieties, Chardonnay, Macabeu, Riesling (a rare variety on the island and typical of colder regions such as the Rheingau in Germany), Giró Ros and Malvasía are grown.
  • Among the black grapes, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Monastrell and Merlot are grown.

Jaume Bergadà, an oenologist with a long professional career, selects the grape varieties and the vineyards. The Febrer family is in charge of harvesting and winemaking, among other tasks. María Antonia, Bernat's daughter, leads the team and has a clear goal: to obtain a nectar of optimal quality.

What Makes Bodega Blanca Terra Different? #

By combining traditional techniques and high-tech machinery, the Febrers are well on their way to producing a sulphite-free wine. They are also committed to protecting the environment and therefore make every effort to minimise the impact of their activities on the environment. They are even on the verge of obtaining organic certification.

At the moment, they have launched six wines, all of which are different from each other and have a special touch that makes them unique:

  • Foravila: A fresh, soft and full-bodied white wine that combines the Chardonnay and Riesling varieties. It emanates balsamic aromas.
  • Passió: A rosé wine made from Macabeu, Monastrell, Syrah and Merlot grapes, fusing aromas and flavours resulting in an exclusive wine.
  • Son Roca: Made from Syrah, this red wine surprises everyone. It is elegant and refreshing, with hints of aromatic herbs.
  • Febrer: Full-bodied and full of character. This red wine, Febrer, represents the master of the house. With the Merlot and Monastrell varieties they have obtained a structured and elegant wine, with hints of wood and ripe fruit.
  • Ses Planes: Maturing in a special cement tank and blending Chardonnay and Moscatel de Frontignan has resulted in a white wine that ranges from mineral to syrupy and creamy.

In addition, they will soon present their new wine, Arrelats. A different kind of white wine, made from 100% native Mallorcan varieties (Giró Ros and Malvasía), which is softer and sweeter than their other white wines.

All the wines can be purchased in their online shop, available in Spanish, German and English. The minimum orderBy is six bottles, which they ship free of charge all over Mallorca and for a more than reasonable price to anywhere in the European Community and Switzerland. Truly, the wine selections are mouthwatering and the cheese and chocolates add to the experience. Even if you can't visit the island, you can savor the taste of the land. A must!

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The Concept of Terroir #

Blanca Terra winery, the result of enthusiasm and teamwork.

As we have already mentioned, the idea that was supposed to become a hobby is now a more than consolidated family project. The Bodega Blanca Terra winery is the result of teamwork and was built on a dream: to produce a quality wine under the concept of terroir. The Febrer family's wines are made from grape varieties adapted to the soil and climate, so that intervention in the cellar is minimal. Much of their effort is focused on the care of the soil and the vines.

In short, Blanca Terra is a winery that stands out both for its wine and wine tourism offer. A place where you can not only buy good wines and other local products, but also the ideal place to discover the world of viticulture and oenology and have unforgettable gastronomic and cultural experiences.

How to Contact #

To experience this memorable wine tasting, vineyard tour and more, here's how to contact them:

  • website: Languages: German, English, Catalân. See their blog for great details about production and wine tourism on Mallorca.
  • phone: +34971267163
  • email: [email protected]
  • address: Carretera de Palma - Manacor, Km 30
    Diseminado Varis, 172, 07230 Montuïri, Islas Baleares

Be sure to let them know that you read their profile on Affordable Mallorca. Gracias.

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2 August, 2022


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