MAY 3rd Mother’s Day in Spain

1 May 2020

The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children. ~ Elaine Heffner

As a child, I loved Mother’s Day. Dad spent all day Saturday to polish our car till it sparkled, got up early on Sunday morning to shoo us children around in the kitchen until breakfast was served and we had duly presented the Queen of the House with our self-made gifts and flowers. Then, we all donned our Sunday best and drove to somewhere beautiful, preferably somewhere we children liked so the grown-ups had a bit of peace and quiet.

Then I had children myself, and there were times when I greeted Mother’s Day with mixed feelings. I remember one particular year in Mallorca. At that time, we still used our little finca as a holiday home, only, and the place was not yet renovated and devoid of modern amenities like running water. It was like camping, but with the luxury of proper beds and a firm roof over our heads. Life took place outdoors. So now, my Big Day.

The girls insisted on serving me breakfast in bed. They used every plate, cup, glass, bowl and saucer we owned to fill with jam and honey and marmalade and cream and yoghurt and, and, and … In the process of setting up the feast on the wobbly ground of my blanket, (at least) half of the content got spilled on the sheets, and I ended up being swarmed by ants who rushed to the party in droves…

And this year? My mother is long passed away, my kids are grown and have children of their own. And with borderBys closed and social distancing rules imposed by COVID-19, I’ll be safe from being served a messy breakfast and the trouble of cleaning it up, but oh, how I’ll miss it!

Mothers day flowers

Finding Ways to Celebrate #

In Mallorca the tradition is a family lunch with all the women in the family, mothers, mothers-in-law, aunts and grandmothers.

I think all mother's would agree that the biggest celebration is at LEAST one day of respite from all forms of caretaking: chores, cooking, cleaning and childcare. Treating mum like a queen for the day and expressing appreciation can be the most inexpensive and loving gift.

Also, during the lockdown, browse our Directory for gift ideas like flowers or baked goods from local businesses open during the lockdown. Also, you can now find local artisans on a new local Balearic Crafts marketplace Es Mosaik.

Or better yet, try your own creative skills with handmade cards, book marks, photo albums or baking using the internet for inspiration. Our team at Affordable Mallorca prefer gifts made by loved ones that use repurposed materials. This is my favourite handmade card from my son using bits of gift wrap.

Mothers day card min

Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is celebrating!

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1 May, 2020


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