18 April 2020

"We live in a divided world, we all feel it…now’s the time for solidarity.” Idris Elba

These past few days and weeks, news about the coronavirus pandemic has come so thick and fast it’s almost impossible to keep up – and although it is certainly important to be informed about the situation and how to avoid being infected and passing on the infection, you might agree that it is not altogether healthy for our minds to be exposed to every worrying turn of events. Filtering the "information flood" is key to coping with the crisis.

We at Affordable Mallorca are not a news channel. And, day-by-day reporting is something we normally leave to the daily papers, whether in print or online. This said, we all find ourselves in a situation where everybody has a lot of practical questions of the how- and where-to kind – and to answer those is exactly what we’re here for and what you, our readers, have come to expect from us.

Our ULTIMATE GUIDE COVID-19 gives you all the information we find are relevant for you in this Global State-of-Emergency whether it’s about the virus itself, the economic consequences of the pandemic or how to keep you and your kids busy during this time. Remember things are moving fast.

We promise to do our very best to stay ahead of things and keep revising our articles at short intervals, but please understand that we are what we all are – humans. If you find any of our information should be updated, please get in touch. We’d appreciate your help. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our daily posts about Mallorca.

COVID-19 on Mallorca #

What to Know About COVID-19

A General Guide to coronavirus and how this is affecting Mallorca. Useful information about how you can protect yourself, your friends and family.

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DIRECTORY Mallorca Home Deliveries and Services

These are the local businesses you can count on despite the quarantine. List your business for free with the FORM link at the bottom of this article.

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Palma City Flats

COVID-19: A New Beginning

After this pandemic is over, what's next. People and the Earth want to create a more sustainable world, with equity and justice for All. Mallorca is the perfect place for this.

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Test Mallorca

COVID-19 Economic Impacts on Mallorca

Global Impacts WILL affect Mallorca. Find out what you can do about it.

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Spain Orders All Non-Essential Workers to Stay at Home

From 30 March until 09 April, 2020, a furthering tightening to slow the contagion.

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Pedro Sanchez

Compassion in Times of Coronavirus

How to help. How to give back.

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Practical Advice #

You can search online for any topic and up pops helpful advice. People who read Catalán or speak Castellano can read local papers and listen to the radio or TV. Frequent visitors and expat residents on and off-island have concerns. We’ve compiled information relevant for expats living on Mallorca.

Aid to Keep Mallorca’s Business Dreams Alive

Starting on March 14th, small Businesses and autónomos are eligible to receive a small financial benefit package due to the state of alarm health crisis.

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Useful Spanish Phrases for Coronavirus Communication

Police are patrolling. Here's a list of the simple phrases to use if you are stopped or need help.

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Practical Advice for Catastrophic Events

COVID-19, tornadoes and floods affect Mallorca. A General Guide to protect yourself and stay calm in the midst of catastrophic events.

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Emergency Preparedness Checklist

How To Make Sanitary Masks

Prior to modern times, cloth masks were used for personal protection. Learn how to construct a mask in less than 20 minutes with materials at home.

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Sanitary Mask

Stay Sane at Home

If you live on Mallorca, here's a detailed list of suggestions. Make sure to send us ideas to include - we can do this!

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What To Do With Your Kids At Home

A list of practical solutions for boredom. We're in this together and we don't have to go insane - even if Mom is the one with coronavirus.

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Keep Calm and Stay At Home

10 Things to Do to maintain sanity in the time of Coronavirus. Our writer provides her list of suggestions for you.

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Can You Get Coronavirus from Your Pet

Here's the final from WHO.

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What Will You Do Once Shutdown is Over?

Share your dreams and visions with us

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Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the news or your own worries, watch this video. We promise it will cheer you up. Remember to get up and dance. Movement relieves depression and anxiety. No. You will NOT look foolish. DANCE! Check out Robin Williams in this fun video.

Our ULTIMATE GUIDEs are ongoing projects: It's worth coming back and checking out what's new!

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18 April, 2020

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