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12 February 2020

The soulful blue notes of a saxophone trickling across the room, accompanied by a booming double bass whilst a fabulous pianist tinkers on the ivories. The core of jazz music lies right there; combine it with a cool bar setting or perhaps even transfer it to a full-scale festival- and there you have Mallorca’s thriving jazz scene! Yes, it may seem unlikely that the small Spanish island shares a passion for jazz, yet there are several fabulous venues that are home to some of the best musicians around. And the good news is: There are Jazz clubs that are open all-year-round.

Jazz Voyeur Club #

Situated in a 16th century mansion, this intimate and inviting venue is at the heart of Palma’s jazz scene. Designed to replicate the style of the ‘Old Coffee Bar’ in Brussels and Barcelona, it’s a great place to hang out with friends and watch some fabulous live entertainment. The club has become something of an institution here on the island, attracting musicians from across the globe to perform on its stage.

The bar is open all year round, six days a week (closed Mondays) from 22.00- where they showcase the best jazz music on the island. They also host and run a fantastic jazz festival towards the end of every summer lasting for several months- and more information can be found at www.jazzvoyeurclub.com closer to the time; although it is possible to access the archives of past events to get a flavour for what they do.

Address: Calle Apuntadors, 5, 07102 Palma / +34 971 72 07 80

Jazz Voyeur Club min

Jazz Voyeur Club

Jovent Jazz Club #

For something a little more local, why not venture north to Sa Pobla. A town famed for its San Antoni celebrations is also the home of a quaint little jazz bar, known by locals as a weekend hotspot to listen to some of the finest Mallorquin musicians around!

Unlike the Jazz Voyeur Club there isn’t a fancy festival attached to this bar, instead it is rather unassuming- but does offer a free ‘tapa’ to anyone who walks through its doors, and promises a night of wonderful entertainment; albeit a tad less refined than its Palma based competitor (this bar has a tendency to get a little loud). So, if you fancy unravelling your best Charleston moves and showing some jazz hands, Jovent Jazz Club is the place for you!

Address: Camino l’Albufera , 6, 07420 Sa Pobla / +34 971 54 41 62

Hotel Saratoga Blue Jazz Club #

Renowned as one of the best jazz clubs on the island, this great venue hosts live music on a regular basis throughout the year, with a particular focus on modern jazz. Read this to find out all about it >>

Address: Hotel Saratoga, Paseig de Mallorca 6, 7a Planta,07012 Palma / +34 971 72 72 40

Piano Man Hotel Saratoga

Vincent Steel

Jazz Festivals #

Bigger than its jazz club scene is Mallorca's Jazz festival scene, with events taking place throughout the year, and across the entire island. Primarily happening throughout the summer season, most events are open air- combining the great outdoors with some great music!

Festival Jazz Palma 2020

The biggest upcoming event is ‘Festival Jazz Palma’, a ten day celebration which this year takes place from the 13th February until the 23rd, featuring some of the best jazz artists from across the globe. Acts perform throughout the day, starting at around 12pm and heading late into the evening so you can groove to the tunes all day if you wish, or simply tune in at your earliest convenience!

Performances will be at various locations around the city centre, from Blue Jazz Club to Teatre Principal and even the local library Biblioteca Municipal de Sant Jordi. Many of the performances offer free entry, but there are a handful of performances where tickets must be purchased in advance, and prices range from 12€ per person to 35€ per person - overall affordable for such an extraordinary experience!

Renowned soloists, bands, and conductors will be attending the event; and for any film buffs who have seen the exceptional film ‘Whiplash’ you’ll be thrilled to hear that director Damien Chazelle will also be attending. Whether you are new to the jazz scene and wish to sample what it has to offer, or you’re an avid jazz fan - the Festival Jazz 2020 is surely one not to be missed and it is worth going no matter where you’re based in Palma or even if you’re travelling from other parts of the island. Ten whole days of song, dance and (as it’s Mallorca) full blown celebrations; make sure to venture into Palma and join the party!

Mallorca Jazz festival 2020 min

Smooth Jazz Festival in Sa Coma
Since 2012 this fabulous event has been hosted at the Biomar hotel in Sa Coma. 7 wonderful days full to the brim of the best jazz music, attracting artists from around the world all hosted within the spectacular setting of a 5* hotel. There are a variety of packages you can choose; whether it be an indulgent week-long stay, or perhaps just a few nights, or even just buying a ticket for one performance. All details can be found on the Festival's website.
The 2020 dates are from 11 May- 18th May.

Mallorca Jazz Festival in Sa Pobla
At the end of July, and into the first few days of August, Sa Pobla’s town square is transformed into a jazz paradise. Focusing on local artistes as opposed to international stars - the annual event attracts many local islanders and tourists, the main stage hosting a variety of modern to classic jazz every night for a week. Really an event not to miss!
All performances start at 22.30 and full details are available on the Facebook page ‘Mallorca Jazz sa Pobla’.

Inca Jazz Festival
A wonderful free event also held during the month of July, consisting of four laid-back Sunday performances from jazz maestros across the island. As well as the main evening performance, held in Inca's gorgeous main square, there are several jam sessions and workshops that occur throughout the daytime. The generosity of local business owners sees that there is plenty of food and drink to go around, at very affordable prices, keeping locals and tourists entertained for the entire month.

Alcúdia Jazz Festival
A little later in the year, Alcudia takes its turn in hosting the brilliant festivities, celebrating traditional and modern jazz. Throughout the month of September, the local auditorium is transformed on Saturday evenings, becoming a concert hall for the best local jazz musicians (many of whom perform at other jazz festivals throughout the year). There are also several intimate and casual performances by the musicians in an array of local bars; although these are often quite off the cuff and not pre-planned, so best to keep your eyes peeled in the area throughout September!

The remote mountain village of Banyalbufar spreads its jazz event across July and August, performing at venues within the village as well as hosting beach performances on the rugged Port des Canonge. Intimate and unique, the glorious summer months of July and August sees music fill the air (literally!) and this fabulous event has the most unique and picturesque setting of them all!

Booking Your Own Jazz Musician #

Mallorca, naturally, is home to many a marvellous musician and performer and for those of you choosing to get married on the island, or simply host a summer party, you may be interested in booking one! Be sure to head to the Facebook page ‘Mallorca Musicians’ to discover a whole wealth of jazz bands, be it alternative or traditional; all at very affordable prices!

Jazz band wedding mallorca min


Personal Experience and Musician Friends
Facebook: Mallorca Jazz sa Pobla

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12 February, 2020


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