The Saratoga Blue Jazz Club

21 February 2022

Located on the seventh floor of the Saratoga Hotel (integrated with the restaurant, bar and new top terrace bar), the Blue Jazz Club has a 360 degree view through its glass walls, overlooking the city and bay of Palma. By day or night, the panoramic vista is stunning. For a number of years now, the Blue Jazz Club has hosted many international musical artists as well as the best home-grown talent, drawing locals and holiday makers alike to enjoy a thoroughly vibrant evening.

Live Music - Schedule #

Monday evening - Jazz Jam Session (20:00 -22:00)

This musical extravaganza is my particular favourite for its virtuosity and variety! You never know what’s going to happen. This sense of musical unpredictability gives rise to a truly vibrant atmosphere.

Thursday night - for Jazz lovers (22:00 -00:00)

Listening to such talented instrumentalists and vocalists complement one of the world’s most challenging and creative art forms is not only a pleasure, it’s also a remarkable gift.

Friday and Saturdays - Pop and Soul (23:00 – 01:00)

‘Something for the weekend’ music that will have you leaping out of your seat! So, you better put on your dancing shoes… Enjoy your favourite hits that will make your outing to Palma a great night – or better still, make it a weekend and book a room. After all, the Hotel Saratoga offers exquisite accommodation, too. Due to its popularity make sure to book!

Live Jazz at Hotel Saratoga

Watch with Sound Up - - Experience the Vibe of Palma Jazz

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Blue Jazz Club Saratoga Palma

Tips for Booking #

  • You are expected to eat at the restaurant when booking for one of the musical venues, but you can also just pop in without a reservation and enjoy the music and great atmosphere (and the views from the roof terrace) while having a drink from the bar
  • Drinks and food are a little bit on the pricey side, but seeing that the music is free, an evening at the Blue Jazz Club still won't break the bank.


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21 February, 2022


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