Fabulous Fornalutx

7 August 2019

Painted tile roofs, winding medieval stone streets and dramatic mountain vistas have given this tiny hamlet the unofficial title of most beautiful village on Mallorca.

My first visit to Fornalutx was also my first time on Mallorca. It was the summer of 2003, the one so hot that people finally started buying into global warming. We were here for a wedding and as I recall, we spent most of the days immersed in a pool and most of the nights indulging in wedding festivities, but despite our busy schedule, what stood out was the incredible beauty of the village and the warmth of the people. The experience was a big reason why my feelings toward Mallorca were, and are, so fond. So, get to know this magical hamlet and fall in love with it the way I did all those years ago!

Fornalutx old stone houses famous mediterranean village

Getting there #

Located in the north-northwest of Mallorca, Fornalutx is relatively off the beaten track and is best accessed by car. A taxi will cost you roughly €45. There is a bus which costs €6-9, Line 211, but the 2 ½ hour trip may be off-putting for some.

The 35-45 minute car ride is a fairly straight shot from Palma Airport. You take the Ma19 to exit 3 to get on the Ma20. Follow Ma20 to exit 5a toward Sóller. Keep right and go onto Ma11. Follow Ma11 past Soller and follow signs to Fornalutx. You will transition onto the Ma10 then Ma 2120 into the village. Sóller is 10-15 minutes away if you need any conveniences a larger town offers.

History #

Fornalutx’s history, like that of most villages on the island, dates back to the days of Moorish occupation. Its semi-remote location means the hamlet has remained virtually unchanged for centuries and stepping onto its narrow cobbled streets is indeed like stepping back in time. When the Spanish took over, Fornalutx was integrated into Sóller and remained so until its independence in 1837. There is a tradition of orange farming here, and legend has it that Louis XIV of France ate only oranges grown in this region.

Because the town is such a well-preserved example of an old Mallorcan village, it was declared a protected place of historical interest in 1972.

Local Sights #

The village is typical of the island in that it is centred around a town square lined with lovely little cafes and an all-purpose general store. The church sits perched above the square and is a fine example of gothic turned baroque architecture dating originally from the 13th century, though it has undergone several renovations since. The town hall is of interest as it has the unique feature of having a defence tower rising from the edifice dating from the 1600’s.


Food & Drink #

Ca N’Antuna

It’s worth a trip for the romantic setting and fab views, add in the delicious traditional Mallorcan cuisine and you can’t lose!

Address: Carrer Arbona-Colom, 14, 07109 Fornalutx, +34 971 633 068

Es Turo

Spend an afternoon here on the terrace soaking up the ambiance. The food is a tad on the pricey side, but most visitors don’t mind as the service and dishes are wonderful and the view is amazing.

Address: Carrer Arbona-Colom, 12, 07109 Fornalutx, +34 971 630 808


When no one can agree on anything else, pizza is always a great unifier. Calzone boasts gorgeous thin crust pizza with “unusual topping combos”. Fast and friendly service, even when busy, makes this a favourite of locals and tourists alike, especially those with hungry kids in tow.

Address: Carrer Arbona-Colom, 4, 07109 Fornalutx, +34 971 638 191

New Red Fort

This place gets honourable mention as a break from Mediterranean fare. Priced well, with loads of vegetarian options and a friendly staff, New Red Fort is definitely worth a look.

Address: Carrer Arbona-Colom, 6, bajos, 07109 Fornalutx, +34 971 872 161

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Shopping and/or Markets #

There are a few shops in the village offering local crafts, but if you have more than basic browsing in mind, pop over to nearby Sóller for its fantastic market and large selection of shops offering clothing, gifts and a lot more.

Sports & Recreation #

If you’re a mountaineer, this is your kind of place! Fornalutx is totally mountainous, and there is no shortage of terrific trails taking climbers to new heights. Of particular interest are three “puigs”, Catalan for hills or mountains, ranging from 800-1300 metres and waiting to be scaled.

Art & Culture #

One of the most exceptional features of Fornalutx are the painted roof tiles situated in the overhangs of 28 local homes. Dating back from the 17th and 18th centuries, these tiles were created by homeowners not only as decoration, but also as a way to ward off evil. As need arose, many occupants would expand their collections to include depictions they hoped would stave off bad weather or turn rotten luck around. Such art is only found in a handful of places in Spain, Fornalutx having the largest concentration.

Fiestas & Annual Highlights #

Fornalutx hosts its annual festival in honour of the village’s patron saint, La Mare de Deu (Mother of God), in early September every year. Included in the festivities are a bouncy castle, water games, live music and a fireworks show rounding out the late-night closing bash.

Fornalutx romantic street beautiful village fornalutx majorca

Living in… #

Because the village is so well-kept, finding fixer-uppers and deals can be a challenge. The roughly 700 residents are fierce in their love and protection of the village’s assets, so a fair few of the houses are in good condition, which is great news if you like move-in ready. Outside the village is a bit more rough and ready, with tiny (and mainly rundown) mountain retreats going for as low as €180,000 and larger, better maintained ones for €400,000 and up. Once you hit the village, your price darts up to about €500,000 going up to the millions. The village, it also should be noted, is a whopping 25% expat, a huge consideration for some potential home buyers.

Charm factor #

You don’t get the reputation of being the most beautiful Mallorcan village by not oozing cuteness. Fornalutx delivers on this in spades. So come take a look for yourself… you may have found your new home!

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7 August, 2019


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