Caló des Moro

1 June 2020

When it comes to secluded coves, Caló d’es Moro – the “black beach” – used to be one of those “best kept secrets on the island” that weren’t much of a secret any more: a quaint, undeveloped beach extending between rocky outcroppings and steep cliffs, with a fine stretch of sand and clear, dancing waters of turquoise and light blue. Although parking was sometimes a problem and you had to brave a steep climb to get down to the actual beach we loved it so much that we at Affordable Mallorca voted it among the Top 10 Most Stunning Coves on Mallorca.

However, climate change has been taking its toll. Friends came back with the news that rising water levels and heavy storms have erased all sand from the beach. So, we no longer recommend to risk the steep climb down to sea.

If you have a small boat though, you can still enjoy the calm, crystal clear waters of this bay open to the easterly winds, with a sandy bottom great for scuba diving. There is space for anchoring at a depth of three to four meters, and this cala is only two nautical miles off the port of Cala Figuera Santanyí. So, for sailors it’s still worth going.

To see the cala as it was before the storm took the sandy beach away watch this video



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1 June, 2020


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