All About Boats

All About Boats #

The Anatomy of Boat Life

Like sprinkles on an ice cream cone, yachts quaint and grand decorate the Mediterranean sea with luxurious curiosity. How can you get a taste of this adventurous lifestyle? Begin with the most important question as to whether or not the boat life is for you. From there, you can get the insider scoop (no pun intended) as to what it means to own, look after, and enjoy your new lifestyle.

Sailing Sunset View Yachts Deck Bow

Everything you need to know about boats

Our AM Series 'All About Boats' gives you all the right strategies to find the perfect vessel for you, top tips and sneaky secrets, financial facts, where to put it, where to take it, and how to maximise your experience at sea

1 – Want to Buy a Boat

2 – The Costs of Buying a Boat

3 – David B Goes Forth – The Sea Voyage from Barcelona to Mallorca

4 – Looking For a Job on the Yachts

21 March, 2019


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