Autumn – Season of Spectacular Sunsets

28 October 2023

There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them. ~ Jo Walton

When days are getting shorter, Mallorcan evening skies turn into a sea of flaming colour. One night, the most dramatic cloud formations in fiery hues of pink, red and orange stand in contrast with the most intensive, almost neon blues; on another, the whole island seems to drift in an celestial ocean of translucent liquid pink. Did you ever wonder why sunsets get all the more spectacular as the year progresses? Here is why.

  • Vincent Hoonings

  • Adèle Chrétien

  • Vincent Hoonings

  • Adèle Chrétien

  • Adèle Chrétien

What makes a sunset spectacular? #

Short answer: Blue Light Gets Scattered More Easily

Romantics, please forgive me if I disappoint: I would love to say the sky magic we get to see was brought forth by heavenly hosts waving sparkling wands of wonder, but I'm afraid it isn't. Scientists tell us it's simple physics.

In autumn and winter, the sun "sits" lower in the sky, meaning that its light reaches us at an angle that gets flatter and flatter every day until the winter solstice. At sunrise and sundown, its rays need longer still to pass through the atmosphere before being visible to the human eye, and on this passage, they hit even more air molecules, such as oxygen or nitrogen. Blue light being shorter-waved, it is scattered more easily than the longer-waved warmer colours. This makes the oranges and reds stand out more, an effect that comes to bear most dramatically when clouds are sailing past as they serve as a perfect projection surface for this vivid show.

  • Adèle Chrétien

  • Adèle Chrétien

  • Adèle Chrétien

  • Vincent Hoonings

  • Adèle Chrétien

  • Adèle Chrétien

What makes Autumn a spectacular season? #

Short answer: Autumn Air Is Drier

The clearer, colder autumn air reaching the island with the mostly west-northerly airstreams of the season allow even more colours of the spectrum to make it through without being scattered, thus adding to the overall beauty of our sunsets: Less humidity means less haze, and it is, as if a veil was lifted from the sky. Its blue appears purer and deeper. We get the feeling of more depth and vastness – of an endless space around us.

So, don't forget to look up tonight and have your moment of quiet awe. The show is on! And don't forget to send your photos! We will post the best ones here.

  • Adèle Chrétien

  • Adèle Chrétien

Watermelon Skies

A sunset while boarding the train in Inca.

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Selva Town Sunset

Where on the island are the most spectacular sunsets? #

Anyplace on Mallorca is stunningly beautiful at dawn and dusk. Our personal favorites are Calvià, Port Andratx, Sant Elm and Port Sóller. This is also why property developers, years ago, selected these locations for high-end properties and resorts.

One of our most favorite places is Port Andratx. The Port has many bars to enjoy the ambience, mostly from the south side where the you can take the children for ice cream and sit at the jetty or take a drink at one of the many restaurant bars. Property developers in the 1970s had a great eye when they grabbed coastal land and developed condos and apartments.

Restaurant Port Andratx Sunset

Marinas in these places allow boaters to have a bit of privacy while enjoying a cocktail and taking in the views. If you can sail over the Port Sóller, you can buy readymade food at the local restaurants, pick up some ice cream and enjoy this view from your boat.

Port Soller for Holborn Assets Jonathan Ralph

Property developers in the 1970s had a great eye when they grabbed coastal land and developed condos and apartments. The apartments in Puerto Portals, Paguera and Camp de Mar also have lovely views from western facing units. But Alcudia also has spectacular sunsets like this one.

Sunset Alcudia Blue Sky

If you are in the mountains, you might see this one if you are winding down from a hike.

Autumn sunset

Or this one if you are cycling.

Cyclist Sunset

Wherever you are at sunset, remember this time of day is our 'clock' to let us know it's time to wind down. Please send us your sunset photos. If we use one of them, we will give you photo credit. Bon Tarde!

28 October, 2023


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