Bryan Visser and 6Points Cycling Challenges

29 March 2022

6Points Challenge has the the perfect ingredients for a fantastic few days: a great bunch of people behind organising it, stunning cycling roads and scenery, a warm welcoming atmosphere and all the profit goes to supporting local charities that really make a difference and give back to the island. My first experience has etched great memories and I look forward to more“ - Karen Darke MBE, Paralympic Silver and Gold medalist

Profile #

  • Name: Bryan Visser
  • Nationality: British - born in Cape Town
  • Lives in: Costa de la Calma
  • Profession: Retired - occupied by 6Points

May I Introduce... #

Bryan Visser, Founder of 6Points. Bryan reached out to me with this email message: "We run cycling events in aid of Mallorcan charities and we have supported some of the charities on your webpage. In four years, we are proud to have raised over €85,000 for RANA, Allen Graham 4 Kidz, Asdica and Save-the-Med. Is there a Spinal Injury Charity on the island?"

Of course, I was pleased to see the charities his group supports and wanted to learn more. I hoped, through learning about Bryan and 6Points Cycling Challenges, that we could help him identify a spinal injury charity willing to work on Mallorca. After a call with Bryan, I felt uplifted and filled with great hope that Mallorca has a strong expat community willing to contribute to the real Mallorca.

We discussed how 6Points is working in the time of COVID. But first, more about Bryan and 6Points Cycling Challenges.

Wearing Masks 6 Points

What brought you to Mallorca? #

We had been looking for a vacation/weekend apartment and had looked at Italy. A Spanish colleague recommended Mallorca. I came over for 4 days and drove the island to search for where we wanted to buy and arrived in Port d’Andratx and fell in love. Mallorca has excellent airline links to the UK (where our family is), has wonderful infrastructure, is safe, clean and has a wonderful variety of scenery and cultures.

Where do you live in Mallorca? #

Learn more about where Bryan and his wife call home by clicking here >> Costa de la Calma

Costa de la Calma Mallorca

How do you occupy your time? #

I have been living on Mallorca with my wife for 13 years and love it! I created 6Points Cycling Challenges to raise money for charities on the island. We have raised over €85,000 in 4 years by sponsors contributing directly to our selected charities. 6Points is pretty much a full time activity now that it has grown so much and has so many facets to it.

We have BIG rides (Mallorca and Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca), the Little rides (monthly on Mallorca), the Virtual rides on Zwift (every Sunday) and, now, the program to raise funds and collect food for those so severely hit by the pandemic on Mallorca. 6Points has an active and high quality organising committee and a number of amazing volunteers. They are the reason we have achieved so much.

We are proudly in association with: Consell de Mallorca and Ajuntament de Calvia.

6 Points Poster

How would you describe the feeling of community where you live in? #

We love living in the Ajuntament de Calvia - they go out of their way to help the expats and the quality of services in the municipality is really excellent.

Our early results from the 6Points Food Collection Points show the generosity of our neighbors. Bags of supplies are now being donated daily to help local families and their pets who have been hurt by COVID-19.

Follow 6Points on social media to learn about the times when they activate these food collections.

6 Points Collections v2

What is your most memorable experience on the Island? #

Arriving late on Friday night to search for our house and realising how clean and safe everything felt - we both felt at home immediately.

What is the message you want to give to other people that are thinking of moving here? #

Do not waste time - do it!

To learn more about 6Points #

We are including links to several videos (see below) that help you learn more about 6Points Cycling Challenges and their impact on local charities. If you would like to volunteer , contribute resources and help give back to the people who share this beautiful island with us, please contact Bryan directly at [email protected].

6Points Mallorca

Watch this 3-day lap around Mallorca to see the scenery, camaraderie and more. This video was filmed prior to COVID.

Click here to watch the video>>
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Asdica Thanks 6Points Sponsors and Supporters

Listen to how Asdica has benefitted from 6Points.

Click here to watch the video >>
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29 March, 2022


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