RAD Monika:

First Woman to Complete La Vuelta

RAD Monika: #

First Woman to Complete La Vuelta #

Most Inspirational Woman in Cycling

After a year of training on Mallorca, Monika Sattler will go down in history as the first women ever to complete the Vuelta de España. She accomplished this incredible feat just hours before the pros crossed the finish line on the very same route. Watch her inspiring story below.

RADMonika Takes La Vuelta

Monika shows you the real life of a competitive cyclist.

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Rad Monika

Monika’s boyfriend, Mallorquin Jave Peris, European Cycling Champion in his age group, accompanied her for one-third of La Vuelta. They were joined by many others who wanted to be with her for parts of this daring challenge.

In our interview, Jave said he never doubted Monika would be able to finish. However, he did see the risks of riding such a long distance on Spain's most challenging roads. There was a real threat that something might have gone wrong. In the end, Monika pulled it off without a hitch and he is very proud of her.

Look at these two! They make an incredible power couple!


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