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Our magazine is keen on building a community of like-minded readers and local businesses that share the basic principles of affordability, trustworthiness and sustainability. We offer practical insights by locals. Each article is tagged by the topic and the region - so you aren´t bombarded by information that isn't relevant to your part of the island. Articles cover insights by local writers, events and interesting people that will help you belong to your village or neighbourhood of choice.

This is your magazine too, so if you have any ideas for articles – contact us!

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Finding Happiness In Mallorca - Everything you need to know

Couple Lounging Feet Up

Mallorca Goes Deep Green

Mallorca Landscape

Mission Blue - Mallorca’s Hope Spot

Cabrera national park seascape balearic islands mission blue hope

The First PechaKucha Palma de Mallorca

Pecha Kucha Team

We Build Bridges

Historic windmill es jonquet old town

We Love the Authentic Mallorca and Let You In On Its Stories

Authentic mallorca valdemossa


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