From London to Mallorca, still here after 13 years!

8 August 2018

From Mallorca with Love

More than a summer love: for me, Mallorca is Paradise! How the island inspired and enticed me never to leave...

There are certain phrases heard or said many times, one in particular being; “So I came to Mallorca and never went back.” That’s what happens when you find Paradise…you never want to leave. Now, I needn’t work hard at selling the idea of living in Mallorca. If you’ve ever been here you know exactly what I mean. But, I’ve been asked to contribute an article about my first experience in Mallorca, so, I better start at the beginning.

Flying under a June moon, I left the busy bee hive of London for Palma de Mallorca airport. Stepping off the plane in this new land, I can recall the sultry air and my surprise at finding palm trees climb high into the starry sky. I’d no idea about this pearl of the Mediterranean Sea until my father, Roger, asked me to join him on holiday.

The next two months were a summer fantasy… By day, we relaxed on golden sands and swam in clear blue and aquamarine waters. By night, we’d listen to rolling waves wash onto the shore below the balcony of our beachfront apartment. Roger and I often strolled past a string of buzzing bars and restaurants inside Puerto Portals, becoming acquainted with fellow musicians and one especially, Miguel. Having Miguel as our new friend and guide, we truly began exploring this magnificent island of Mallorca.

Letting my arm stretch outside the car window, every journey took me somewhere new and inspiring. Whether travelling around the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Palma, or, through historic towns and villages. We’d pass fields with ancient almond, olive and citrus groves and pastoral scenes that remain unchanged for centuries. Sometimes, we’d wind our way along roads that rose and fell with the tree-covered majestic Tramuntana Mountains, and along coastlines, catching sight of beaches and Jurassic cliffs with an expanse of sea that brightly sparkled.

Mallorca is truly a place that has everything anyone could wish for.

Miguel also introduced me to Spanish cuisine. One of my favourite things about Mallorca (half-jokingly, I always say) are, “The tomatoes.”

It’s true. Perhaps, I’d become de-sensitised to flavour, but, eating from Miguel’s family kitchen…delicious foods like; Pa amb Oli, freshly cooked Paella, Frito Mallorquin, Tumbet, almond ice cream, almond cake, all re-awakened my sense of taste!

Surely, this article could go on much longer, but I must take our daughter, P, to school. Miguel and I have been together since we met thirteen years ago, and, looking back, I can see these series of moments as life changing events.

One might say that I fell in love with Mallorca, but also that I fell in love in Mallorca.

8 August, 2018


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