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20 July 2020

“Who wouldn’t want to explore the island of Mallorca by sea?”

It would be impossible to spend any time at all in Mallorca without daydreaming of having your very own boat to cruise around and explore with. This Mediterranean Island is more than a holiday hot-spot. It’s a getaway supernova. Wreathed in more than 260 stunning beaches and private coves, linked together by more than fifty marinas, rustic and quaint to grand and luxurious, the island’s intrigue is all-inclusive, never exclusive.

But before we go any further, I must disclose a top-secret piece of information for those of you who aren’t full-time island dwellers. It’s crucial to be patient and accept that things slow down a bit here. The fast paced, quick fixes you find on the mainland, particularly in big cities, just aren’t as readily available.

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Getting Clear About the Basics #

Like with any large purchase, there are a few things which need deciding before buying a boat:

  • First, what size boat are you after?
  • Are you looking for an old classic or a modern new-build?
  • Where are you planning on going with it?
  • Will your boat become your full-time accommodation or just a holiday retreat?
  • Are you looking to purchase your dream yacht to impress and entertain your friends and family with?
  • One that will require crew to skipper and/or maintain and could potentially charter out to other holidaymakers?
  • Or, are you after a more family-oriented size boat, one that you and those dearest can tend to as a labour of love?
  • A boat that is looking for a new companion who is willing to give some true TLC?

"Remember, easy does it and go with the flow.“

What’s the Cost #

To say that the costs involved with purchasing a boat varies greatly may be an understatement. There are so many purchase scenarios to consider from the 27-year-old, 35-foot fixer-upper sail yacht, to the 80-meter new-build motor yacht. With that being said, there are the obvious expenses such as tax, insurance, registration, marina and mooring fees, routine and preventative maintenance that are always applicable. However, if you haven’t owned a boat before, there are a range of quirky and hidden costs you may not have yet considered!

The Cost of Buying a Boat

Is a humble wallet reason enough not to pursue your dream of buying a boat? Do the words affordable and boat belong in the same sentence together?

Click here for our guide to buying and maintenance cost.
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Speak Spanish or Hire a Lawyer #

Regardless of the age and size of the boat you choose, this purchase is indeed grand and preparation is everything. If you have the time, speak fluent Spanish, or know someone who does and is willing to help, if you already have a foreign identity number, or a NIE then the overall process could take a little as a couple weeks. Also, now would be the time to tell you that there are perks to being a Spanish resident, such as lower docking fees and discounts. If you don’t however, consider hiring a lawyer, one who speaks the language, and a company or some form of personal assistance to help make this as stress-free as possible. After all, you came to the island to relax and enjoy yourself, didn’t you?

“Get creative, think outside the haul and beyond the fuel.”

Find the Right Yacht Broker #

For that wow-factor yacht purchase, there are an abundance of different yacht brokers around the island to convert your dream into a reality. Be sure to make appointments with a few different companies and remember the golden rule: there is no such things as stupid questions. This will ensure you find the best company suited to your wants and needs.

If you’re after that heart-felt, intimate boat purchase, you can do your research online, or, why not stroll through the fifty plus beautiful marinas yourself whilst enjoying a nice sundowner or two? There are plenty of boats moored up and anchored around Mallorca, of which are sign posted with ‘Se Vende’ or, ‘For Sale’ in Spanish.

Sailign Boat Anchored In Bay 3

Affordable Mallorca Sneaky Top Tip #

Psst! Don’t limit your options by only looking in Mallorca. Sure, there are plenty of boats, but you will pay that little extra ‘island tax’ for the convenience factor, if you know what I mean. If you’re hoping to stick to a budget and use the extra pennies for some personalised luxuries, consider having a look across the coast of mainland Spain and the rest of Europe.


Our ULTIMATE GUIDE Boats gives you all the right strategies to find the perfect vessel for you, top tips and sneaky secrets, financial facts, where to put it, where to take it, and how to maximize your experience at sea

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20 July, 2020


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