The Complete Guide to Life in Palma - Bons Aires and Camp Redó

17 April 2023

Palma Neighbourhood Guide #

The Northern sector of Palma, running up from Plaza España to Camp Redó, is an area teeming with urban life. These up and coming neighbourhoods offer a multitude of amenities and commercial services, and you are sure to get whatever you may need during your stay in Mallorca.

Generally, the further north you go, the quieter life becomes: Bons Aires, borderBying Plaza España up to Camp Redó, has a great a number of interesting establishments to check out as you will see in this article. The closer you get into Camp Redó and up to the Ocimax cinema centre, while still being in an urban district you will find the streets are taking on an increasingly residential character.

Bons Aires #

Running adjacent to the neighbourhoods of Plaza de Toros and Es Fortí, Bons Aires in itself is becoming more modern and has a number of trendy boutiques, gyms, markets, cultural hotspots, parks and schools, that make the area a good investment for a second home, or even for relocation if one wishes to remain within the confines of Palma Centre.

Bons Aires

Camp Redó #

Camp Redó is definitely more of a residential neighbourhood, and the potential for investment in this neighbourhood is high, as the majority of real estate goes for an affordable price. All the establishments and locations listed in this article correspond to both areas of Bons Aires and Camp Redó as they are in close proximity.

Local Sights #

Can Segura, a four-story edifice built in 1908 by Francesc Roca i Simo, is a landmark of central Palma. It is a jewel of modernism and a great example of Spanish architecture of the beginning of the 20th century.

Address: Avenida del Comte de Sallent, 2, 07003 Palma.

Restaurant Smiling People

Food & Drink #

La Vinoteca

A winery offering an amazingly vast collection of wines from all around the world, with its selection changing every season. For all your wine needs, be sure to check out La Vinoteca.

Contact: +34 971 76 19 32
Carrer del Pare Bartomeu Pou, 29, 07003 Palma.

El Alpendre

A great grill restaurant that favours meats cooked on a grill, and specialises in only that.

Contact: +34 971 75 96 64
Address: Carrer de Joan Massanet i Moragues, 4, 07010 Palma.

El Tereno Palma


A hidden little gem of Palma! It’s a little café where you can enjoy a cup of joe, and at the same time enjoy playing a board and card games. It also has craft beer and great burgers for you on offer while you enjoy a nice little game of Risk with your friends.

Contact: +34 971 91 91 31

Address: Carrer del Bisbe Rafael Josep Verger, 6, 07010 Palma.

Shopping and Markets #

The Mercado Gastronómico San Juan is your typical market that offers fresh produce and meats just like the other markets around the Island. In the vicinity you have the Mercat Municipal de Camp Redó, too.

There is also a great selection of flower shops, wedding agencies, wedding dress stores and quite a few more amenities that will let you organise the wedding of your dreams.

Mercat de l'Olivar

Sports & Recreation #

The Velodromo de Palma (also known as Palma Arena) hosts a number of activities, mostly associated with indoor cycling. It is also a major hub for different kinds of expos and fairs promoting new products, teaching people about certain kinds of trade, as well as serving as an excellent place for networking.

Contact: +34 971 76 32 99
Carrer de l'Uruguai, s/n, 07010 Palma

Sailing competition mallorca min

Club Natació de Palma is a swimming club giving children and adults the possibility to swim in an indoor Olympic size pool. They are open all year round and offer a great way to stay in shape, especially to those desiring a swim in the winter.

Contact: +34 971 76 39 39

Carretera de Valldemossa, 2, 07010 Palma.

There are also gyms around the area; however, the one that stands out the most is Gimnásio Woman that only allows women to become members and participate. This is a great initiative as many women feel more comfortable working out in a women-only setting. It also provides classes like yoga and Pilates.

Contact: +34 971 20 95 81
Carrer d'Alfons el Magnànim, 24, 07004 Palma.

Alternatively, there is a gym called Body Power, which tailors to both genders and has a focus on more traditional weightlifting.
: +34 971 75 90 49
Carrer del Molí d'en Perot, 2, 07010 Palma.

Camp Redó also has a beautiful park named "Parc de Ses Fonts" (Park of the fountains). It is a charming little park with beautiful fountains, pathways and its diverse ecology will you leave you astounded.

Parc De Ses Fonts Second Sculpture

Art & Culture #

The area’s proximity to the city centre makes it a wonderful place to enjoy the artistic and cultural hotspots of the city, but Bons Aires and Camp Redó both have their own fantastic venues to enjoy a great day (or evening) out.

Cines Rivolí is a charming small cinema close to the centre just a short walk away from Plaza España. It even has movies in original language, but make sure to get there early or buy your ticket online as otherwise you may be waiting in queue for a while, especially when it comes to new releases and popular movies.
: +34 971 75 12 62
Carrer d'Antoni Marquès, 25, 07003 Palma.


The cultural centre of S’Escorxador is a cultural hotspot that has multiple restaurants, bars, a market and even a cinema that hosts art house and independent films that are all shown in their respective original language. S’Escorxador also hosts workshops for children and also adults which is sure to trigger your creative side.

Contact: +34 971 75 06 04
Carrer de l'Emperadriu Eugènia, 6, 07010 Palma

Living in Bons Aires and Camp Redó #

As for real estate prices, they drop down the further north you look from Plaza España. Especially in Camp Redó, we at AM see a high investment potential as the majority of real estate goes for an affordable price and these neighbourhoods are up and coming.

Charm factor #

These neighbourhoods of Palma are incredibly vivacious and full of life. Their proximity to the centre make them a great place to live - without the busy day-time noise prevailing in other neighbourhoods and without giving up as many activities and pleasures of urban life as you would have to by moving further away from the city. These neighbourhoods are perfect for young couples moving in, students (UIB Campus is close), and even for families as there are quite a few schools in the area as well.

17 April, 2023


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