Fishing On Mallorca

18 November 2020

Perhaps the idea of catching your own dinner and bringing it back to the BBQ appeals to you? Well if so, then obtaining a fishing licence isn’t too tricky.

Currently the law states than any individual over the age of fourteen will need to obtain a fishing licence, so don't even think of catching your own without unless you are on a paid fishing cruise. These people normally have a boat license (see below) which is valid for the people on board.

There are five types of licence that can be applied for:

  • Individual: one person
  • Collective: up to twelve people
  • Submarine: scuba or spear fishing
  • Sport: tournaments and competitions
  • Boat: up to five people.
Man little girl fishing evening sunset mallorca

Cost #

As of this writing, an individual licence costs 26€, and you will receive a small plastic card (licencia en tarjeta plastica) in the post entitling you to a licence for two years. If you’re prepared to print out a paper copy (licencia imprimible en papel) you will only have to pay 16€ for the same entitlement.

Restrictions #

The fishing licence is restricted to one of eleven areas across the island and you must select your area during the application process. Here is a list of the areas:

  • North/Northeast/Northwest: Badia d’Alcudia, Badia de Pollença, Cala Castell to Cap de Formentor, Cap de Ferrutx to Punta de n’Amer, Sa Foradada to Cala Castell
  • West/Southwest: Cala en Basset to Sa Foradada, Cala Figuera to Cala en Basset
  • South: Cap Salines to Cap Blanc
  • East: Punta de n’Amer a S’Amarador
  • Palma: Badia de Palma
Men fishing palma de mallorca

Where to Apply #

All licences can be applied for online at Be warned though, the website is only available in Catalan or Spanish. To apply you need some form of ID, as a resident your NIE will do, and as a tourist your passport.

Where to fish in Mallorca #

  • Reserva Marina de la Badía de Palma.
  • Reserva Marina de Llevant de Mallorca.
  • Reserva Marina del Migjorn de Mallorca.
  • Reserva Marina of the island of Toro and the Malgrats Islands.
  • Reserva Marina of the north of Menorca.

Get The BBQ Going #

Upon obtaining the license - Happy Fishing! Ensure you’re never within 100 metres of a fishing boat, sunbathers, beach goers or a harbour- and you’ll be fine! Remember, the Guardia Civil upholds a law - Defense Against the Environment - that restricts fires and BBQs in public places, especially beaches that are protected. If caught, you face fines and more. Let's keep our environment safe.

Man fishing on mallorquin boat

DISCLAIMER: All information contained in this may change due to changing laws and regulations and/or based on where in Spain you are.


18 November, 2020


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