XVI Rally Isla Mallorca

2 March 2020

“What’s behind you doesn’t matter…” -Enzo Ferrari

Each year, Europe descends on Puerto Portals to witness and race in the Rally Clasico Isla Mallorca. In its 16th year, celebrities, Europeans and Mallorquins alike cheer on participants racing 550km and 14 stages over three days at the premier classic sporting event on the Island. More than 80 cars compete in the event (with many returning racers).

The start of each race leg takes place in Puerto Portals, one of Mallorca’s glitzy and famous ports and continues on to world famous stretches of the race, such as the 12-kilometre descent of the Sa Calobra road, which has a 360-degree curve. Check out furthest below for schedule.

Mallorquin Love Affair: Classic Cars #

Expatriate influence, particularly from the British, has long forged a love for classic cars in Mallorca. To less familiar readers, “classic cars” are categorized as at least 20-years old and with sufficient historical interest worth preserving or restoring.

British, German and Dutch residents alongside Mallorquins have helped to start several classic car clubs – the Veterens Cars, Cotxes Antics, Classics de Mallorca and of course, the Classic Car Club Mallorca. The latter, established in 1997, has members all over the Island.

Club members meet every Wednesday evening in the Summer at The Boat House on the Paseo Maritimo in Palma and the club joins other car enthusiasts from 5pm-7pm to talk shop at The Boat House on the Promenade (in front of the Auditorium) in Palma.

Classic car Mallorca pier min

Rally Clasico Schedule #

Thursday, March 12
7:00pm, First Leg Starts
10:30pm, Arrival and Results of First Leg

Friday, March 13
8:30am, Start Second Leg
6:30pm, Finish Second Leg
10:30pm, Results Second Leg

Saturday, March 14
8:30am, Start Third/Final Leg
6:00pm, Finish Third/Final Leg
7:00pm, Provisional Results
7:30pm, Final Results
8:00pm, Prize Ceremony


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2 March, 2020


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