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5 March 2020

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. - Albert Einstein

What We Do #

Affordable Mallorca creates content only about Mallorca to an audience that is only interested on island living. We reach frequent travelers, part-time and full-time residents. Your customers are our readers. We care about your success.

Check out our Village Profiles and learn more about how your business can be showcased on our pages. When we cover special events such as the semi-annual Festa de la Llum and the European Balloon Championships, we boost on social media and we see our Google Ranking in the top five positions on the first page.

This means you reach more people on a budget that works for you without having to worry about managing all of the ad channels.

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What Makes Us Different? #

Have you ever noticed that websites and online magazines have ads that have very little to do with you or your business but they fall to the page anyway? Our website is completely independent of Google and other third-party marketing groups. This means that our ads are custom designed for our clients and targeted only to our readers. Your ad clicks through to your business website (or a static page that we can create for you), so that your customers reach you directly with NO MIDDLEMAN between you and your customer.

When you advertise on Google AdWords or connect to Google AdSense, you bid in an online auction for placement and allow them to place your advert with little regard to your preferences. Then, they capture data from your traffic and resell that information.

While our advertisers have a direct connection to our readers, our readers are never solicited by an affiliate advertiser because we do not sell data. We comply with GDPR regulations. Our Cookie Policy is cumbersome to read because the EU has yet to create a simple message.

We do this for two reasons:

  1. We focus only on Mallorca
  2. We protect our brand and our message from outside interference

Three Obstacles to Success #

As the fastest growing digital magazine on the island, Affordable Mallorca has uncovered three basic marketing success obstacles that may apply to you.

1. The first is a lack of budget to implement marketing campaigns. Many small to medium size businesses limit themselves to having a web and/or trying social media pushes. What happens when reaching new pockets of potential customers dries out or you run out of fresh ideas? Affordable Mallorca reaches up to 20,000 readers monthly. We want to put our audience in touch with your business.

2. The second is your limited time. You may be lacking the human resources to implement a new marketing campaign or to try digital marketing. We are a team of experienced creatives ready to put a marketing plan into action – so you can concentrate on your business. Take advantage of our advertising space, social media, sponsored events, B2B collaborations and design resources. We make it very easy and we really love what we do!

3. The third is complacency. Why not expand your market to include a new pocket of customers? We have more than 400+ friendly and informative original content articles that attract readers. And, we are creating new articles weekly as we explore life on the island.

We write about the more authentic Mallorca: its sustainable nature, cultural heritage and community spirit while offering helpful tips about how to live comfortably on the island.

Festa de la Llum by Jesus Garcia Ferre min

What Can We Do For You? #

Affordable Mallorca is BIG on networking. Whether we make a call, introduce you to others, write a comprehensive profile or take care of your social media needs, your success is our focus. Businesses are dramatically affected by seasonality, weather and other issues that impact your bottom line. We create budgets tailored to your needs and work to deliver on expectations we set at the beginning of our relationship.

Whether you use our ads and articles as collateral marketing material for your business or you simply want a boost on social media, we are here to support your success.

Our audience is searching for good quality products and services at reasonable prices. Affordable Mallorca acts as a recommendation for your business.

We are happy to meet people who are building businesses and we want to support you. Please contact us and tell us about your business’s marketing needs.

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Affordable Mallorca Tip to People interested in Food and Drink Businesses: In comparing Mallorca to other similar places to live and work, the cost of land, construction, taxes and labor make operating a restaurant or catering business with a seasonal market is more expensive. Those prices are passed on to the customer.

If you want to open a restaurant and need to keep costs low, select another part of the island that has traffic and a less expensive cost of living to be able to have seasonal help. Read our Village Profiles on Algaida, Alcúdia or Felanitx. These areas are Our Top Towns 2020 with businesses and homes for sale. Contact us for an introduction to service professions who can support your vision.

5 March, 2020


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