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30 September 2019

Upping sticks and settling down abroad appeals to many of us, yet just a small minority choose to actually make the big move. The prospect of learning a new language, finding your ropes in another culture and earning a living in unfamiliar surroundings could have your palms sweating. All of us who are working at Affordable Mallorca have done it though and agree it's the best move we’ve ever made; even if there are a few bumps in the road along the way.

Spain, in many respects, seems tougher than most northern European Countries, the UK or the States. Salaries are lower, contracts are often seasonal, and there is practically no public welfare system to fall back onto in case of need. To prosper on the island you definitely need to get creative and be ready to move out of your comfort zone. And one thing is for sure: You need to speak the language.

In our ULTIMATE GUIDE Working on Mallorca we will tell you everything you need to know - from the rules and regulations to observe to the best job opportunities to be found.

1 – The Legalities of Working on Mallorca:

All about permissions, rules and regulations


2 – Job Hunting on Mallorca:

How and where to find the best career opportunities on the island

Glasses on paper working

3 – Making Money on Mallorca:

How affordable Mallorca is on the salary you earn

Guys hands holding money euros notes

4 – The Best Coworking Spaces on Mallorca:

Why work all alone from home when you could be making contacts and friends at a coworking facility?

Women coworking in office photo by cowomen

5 – Learn to Love Your Job:

Lost your work mojo? We can help get it back!

Woman at work drinking coffee

6 – Gap Year on Mallorca:

How to live and work in paradise making some money along the way

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7 – Back to Work After the Holidays:

To all Mallorca expats - don’t let the Post-Holiday Blues get you down!

Unpacking suitcase laptop back to work anete lusina

8 – Expat Expectations - Dreams vs. Reality:

Mallorca can be be paradise – for those who work hard and stay firmly on the ground

Sunrise waterfront cathedral Palma winter Adèle Chrétien Yello There Photography

9 – How to Claim Unemployment Benefits:

Find out if you're entitled and where and how to claim.

Servicio publico de empleo estatal min

10 – Insider's Guide for Seasonal Workers:

How those on a summer contract can financially survive the winter and use their free months to open up job new opportunities for the future.

Winter beach Mallorca

11 – The Secrets of Expat Success:

Read an insider's report of the skills and mindset you need to thrive on this island.

Multi cultural people expats

Our ULTIMATE GUIDEs are ongoing projects: It's worth coming back and checking out what's new!

DISCLAIMER: All information contained in this article is based on personal experience and opinion and may change due to changing laws and regulations.

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30 September, 2019


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