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15 September 2019

Many students finishing the hard and tasking college or university years wish to take a break and travel the world; but very few can afford to do so without making some money along the way. The island of Mallorca offers many opportunities to those desiring to broaden their horizons, learn a new language, mix with cultures from across the world, and line their pockets with some euros! Whether you are interested in Magaluf’s party scene, exchanging your language skills, or perhaps even working on one of the many prestigious yachts here on the island- you can guarantee it’ll be a year filled to the brim of making incredible memories!

Girls reading books alexis brown

Alexis Brown

Holiday Rep #

Possibly one of the most obvious, and accessible options is working as a holiday rep in one of the island’s most sought after destinations. Acting as a holiday hotspot since the 1960’s, Mallorca attracts customers from across the globe, meaning whatever your mother tongue, you are guaranteed to find work in the holiday industry. There are different degrees of ‘repping’ whether it’s family hotels, and kids club work that interests you, or perhaps you would prefer the relaxed atmosphere in an adult hotel; or maybe you are completely mad (like I was) and fancy signing yourself up as an entertainer- the options are endless!

Moneywise, you won’t make a fortune but most companies will provide your accommodation and food, as well as several staff perks such as free access or discounts to many of the trips and excursions here on Mallorca. On average, salaries vary between 800-1400€ per month, with contracts available either year round (hotels around Palma or Alcudia) or for a duration of 6-8 months. Depending on the type of rep you are, and the company policy, you may also be able to earn commission by selling certain products such as trips, or company merchandise.

Affordable Mallorca Tip: Check out the websites for TUI Jobs Abroad, Jet2, Sunwing and Thomas Cook. The best time to look is between February and March, as majority of the hotels open in May.

Girl with backpack palmtrees anna auza

Anna Auza

Language Teacher #

All languages are greatly sought after here in Mallorca, due to the international mix of people that end up here for their holidays or for work. If you have any kind of teaching qualification (TESOL, CELTA or TEFL) then you will easily be able to find yourself a position in one of the many language academies. Native speakers of any language are often deemed to be the best teachers due to their ability to convey accent and pronunciation correctly- so, if you feel that you have a skill for teaching then this could suit you down to the ground. Unlike seasonal positions this work is guaranteed all year round, no matter what corner of the island you choose to call home, and perhaps you may be tempted to extend your gap year a little longer if Mallorca happens to cast its spell over you (that’s what happened to me and I’m still here 5 years later)!

Girls talking on bench portixol bike miquel gelabert

Miquel Gelabert

Yacht Hand #

Working on a yacht certainly sounds glamorous, and I believe that parts of the job (and certainly the clientele) will be. However, it is also long hours and hard graft, so be prepared to work your socks off if you follow this path! The best way to find this kind of work is by registering with a yacht crew agency (many can be found at They will be able to send your CV and skillset to the relevant companies. From chefs, to skippers, hostesses and general maintenance people there are many roles to be fulfilled, and as well as spending time in some of Mallorca’s gorgeous ports and harbours you also get to venture off to other locations- making the most of your gap year!

Guy on yacht binoculars lindsay lenard

Lindsay Lenard

Party People! #

It goes without saying that party destinations like Magaluf are always looking for budding shot sellers and PR people to line the streets during the height of the summer, enticing young holiday makers into the lively bars to dance until dawn. Due to the sheer scale of positions available this is some of the easiest work to come by, but depending on the resort, speaking either English or German is a must. Be prepared for late nights, and long days- and the occasional bit of rowdy behaviour (we all know what the likes of Magaluf are famous for)! However, if you love lazing on the beach during the day, and partying into the early hours then this is the place to be- with good money to be earned and a great time to be had, you’ll certainly have an incredible gap year here.

People partying jens johnsson

Jens Johnsson

Visas and Work Permits #

EU citizens do not need a work permit to legally work in Spain or the Balearic Islands, although for those working (self-employed or on a local contract) consecutively for 187 days or more you will need to apply for residencia. Non-EU or EEA/ SWISS citizens will need to apply for working VISAS from the embassy of their own country, and British citizens should note that this could well be the case for them too, following Brexit. VISAS cannot be processed until your employer has requested a work permit for you- so bearing this in mind preparation is key! It can take up to 8 months to get all of the papers in place, to make your gap year dream a reality- so make sure you are vigilant in planning and follow all the correct procedures; but most importantly- ENJOY! This will be a wonderful experience that will shape your future, and give you memories to last for a lifetime!

Hand phone sunset picture pablo vallejo

Pablo Vallejo

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15 September, 2019


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