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26 September 2019

To make money here in Mallorca, you must arrive to the island with an open mind, and be prepared to act as a ‘Jack of all trades’. Mallorca offers a variety of job opportunities, primarily, but not limited to, travel and tourism. Holidaying in Mallorca comes in many forms, from cruising to hotel breaks and self-catering apartments. Each one of these sectors relies on linguists, sales specialists, managers, drivers, waiting staff… the list is endless! Although this industry is incredibly prevalent here on the island, the majority of these positions are seasonal, so you must be prepared to either save up your money or find alternative work in the winter.

The winter season here on the island is spectacularly beautiful but incredibly quiet, so it can be difficult to find job opportunities. This is where your ability to ‘turn your hand’ to anything will come in handy! The winter in Mallorca is all about renovations and reformations, so if you’re handy with a paintbrush or a chisel the building and construction industry may be calling your name!

Although bars and restaurants may be locked up for a well-deserved winter break, people still need housing! The real estate industry never stops here in Mallorca. With properties constantly being built and renovated, estate agents are busy marketing and selling across the island. Of course, this kind of work attracts international clients, so those of you who are multilingual should be seriously considering a career in this field!

As a business owner here on the island it's all about location and ensuring you have a secure target market for your business venture. If you are based in a location that will have no tourist trade during the winter months (most coastal resorts) then you need to ensure you can make enough money throughout your six months of trade. However, if you intend on running your business all year then you need to guarantee that your services will be required, even when the island gets quiet.

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Salaries #

It would be fair to say that very few people make their millions here in Mallorca, as salaries are comparatively lower than in other countries. They vary depending on your line of work, and it is difficult to provide an estimate of average earnings across the country.

The majority of people within the tourism industry, or education industry will earn between 1,050-1,500 € per month, although there may be the opportunity to earn commissions or tips, or to hold private classes, which would add to your income.

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Business owners' income too will vary depending on their segment, and with freelancers the work can be very much all or nothing, and salaries will be dependent on what you can charge for your services.

The most guaranteed salary would be in real estate, where your basic earning will be around 1,500-1,700 € per month. On top of your basic salary there will be the opportunity to make additional money through sales commissions, but this is not guaranteed.

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Affordability #

Despite the salaries not reaching huge heights, the cost of living is far cheaper than in many other European countries, or the United States. Property prices are considerably lower with rentals, in certain areas of Mallorca, costing as little as 450 € per month. Purchasing prices differ depending on location, but properties are available for under 100,000 € in particular towns and villages- significantly lower than in other countries.

Costs of food and drink are also far lower, an average food shop for one costs around 35€ per week, 150€ per month. In comparison to London, where one person can expect to spend around 45£ per week, this is a saving of around 60€ per month.

We also have the benefit of far more free activities on our doorstep! A trip to the beach, or a hike through the mountains costs nothing! Fiestas occur all year long, and they are free for all to enjoy - the standard of living outweighs the rat race of so many other countries.

DISCLAIMER: All information contained in this article is based on personal experience and opinion and may change due to changing laws and regulations.

26 September, 2019


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