Manacor - A multicultural hub encompassed by spectacular architecture

6 January 2019

Manacor #

A multicultural hub encompassed by spectacular architecture, Manacor will amaze and astound you!

Located just 10km from the coastal resorts, on the East of the island, Manacor was once a simple farming town. The addition of a railway line in 1879 transformed it and granted it city status, placing it at the very heart of Mallorca’s industrial and commercial development. Now host to a variety of spectacular buildings, businesses and historical sights, Manacor effortlessly combines Mallorca’s past with its present.

Getting There #

Manacor is nestled between the popular resorts of Sa Coma, Cala Millor and Porto Cristo, laying just a few kilometres inland. The city is well connected to the centre of Palma via a fantastic train line, motorway and regular bus services - so you need never fear of being stuck, if you choose to visit Manacor!

The railway operates an hourly service, taking passengers on a glorious ride through some of Mallorca’s finest countryside. This route is particularly popular with residents, who travel into Palma for work. It is also a great way for tourists to see the island, without breaking the bank! The current return ticket price is just shy of 7 euros - and you are able to sit back and relax in the comfort of your carriage, it certainly would be my personal recommendation.

However, if you prefer to be behind the wheel, or travel via bus the journey will take just 55 minutes, and cost around 6 euros each way on the bus and of course a little in petrol! Either way, Manacor is accessible no matter how you choose to travel!

Church Manacor

History #

The town was first recognised as a municipality in the year 1200, although the remains of ancient dwellings and burial sites suggest that the town has been inhabited from as early as 2000 BC! Originally a farming community, the installation of the railway line transformed the place almost overnight, leading to official town status being granted in 1912. From then on Manacor has been responsible for supplying, shipping, building and creating a range of products; from the infamous Majorica pearls to pottery and textiles - anything you want, you are sure to find in Manacor!

Manacor Farmland Panoramic View

Local Sights #

Manacor certainly has a lot of sights to see, the combination of old and new is rather awe inspiring, and sure to entice you! One of the most beautiful buildings in this great town is the stunning church. The ‘Eglesia dels Delors de Nostra Senyora’ stands proudly in the town square, and its spire-style tower can be seen for miles around - it really is breathtaking! Every year pilgrims travel from miles around to kiss the feet of Jesus who is depicted, quite unusually, in the centre of this fabulous construction.

However, if historical churches don’t ‘wow’ you, then something a little more modern may be up your street! Manacor is the birthplace of global tennis superstar, Rafa Nadal, and his presence can certainly be felt within the town. The Rafa Nadal Sports Centre houses an array of interesting activities, including tennis courts, spas, hotel rooms, interactive technology and a fabulous restaurant - there really is something for everyone!

This expansive building is also home to the Rafa Nadal Xperience; a virtual reality and sports stimulation centre, which Rafa has been deeply involved with. Whether you are a sports fan, or prefer a glass of prosecco and a dip in the poo l- the Rafa Nadal Sports Centre really does cater for the whole family! Full tickets cost 22 euros for adults, and a reduced price of 12 euros for pensioners and children. However, there are various packages on offer and different points throughout the year, depending on which exhibitions are taking place at the centre. Discounts of 20 percent are also offered to residents, making it quite an affordable day out!

My personal recommendation would be the ‘Cuevas Del Drach’. These incredible natural caves are just a short drive from the centre of Manacor, towards the coastal town of Porto Cristo. These cavernous nooks and crannies have been wonderfully preserved, and are some of the largest caves here on the island. Open every day, and all year round, time slots are allocated to visitors at the Caves, ensuring they never get too busy - even in the height of the summer.

As well as the natural beauty of the ancient stalagmites and stalactites, the tour concludes with a wonderful orchestral concert, where a string quartet enter the cave via row boat, and the entire cave is plummeted into near darkness, except for a few warm lights glistening from the water of the lake. This experience is haunting and enchanting all at once, and sees visitors returning year after year, to witness this extraordinary sight.

The site itself is home to several bars, cafes and gift shops, which makes for a full day out! Tickets start at 15 euros for adults and 8 euros for children, and are a little dearer if you turn up without pre-booking. This excursion is simply unforgettable; the memories will be imprinted on your mind forever.

Porto Cristo Manacor Llaut

Food & Drink #

Like any large town or city, there are bars and restaurants by the dozen here in Manacor- but knowing the best spots to go to can be tricky!

Most people are fans of pizza and Italian cuisine, which has a large presence here on the island. If the sound of a crispy pizza base topped with oodles of tomato, cheese (and anything else you can think of!) makes your mouth water- then Franky’s is the place for you! This small artisan pizza and pasta restaurant combines bistro style dining, with full flavour and substantial portions. Franky’s cater for all dietary requirements and also offer vegan and vegetarian options- so no matter what your preference, you’re sure to find it here at Franky’s! Prices start at an incredibly affordable 6 € and reach a maximum of 18 €; so the whole family can enjoy a delicious Italian feast at a fabulous price!

Calle Jaume Domenge 4 Catedral, Plaza de Las Verduras
Tel: 673 659 143

Pushing The Boat Out…

If I could recommend anywhere to eat on the island, then Quince would have to be at the top of my list. Just a few kilometres from the centre of Manacor, overlooking the exquisite harbour of Porto Cristo, this restaurant epitomises everything that is wonderful with Mallorquin and Mediterranean cuisine. With a small menu, that is changed according to the seasonal produce available and an array of regular fresh dishes (that vary on a daily basis) - Quince never fails to impress. The staff are exquisite and the attention to detail, within the service and the restaurant design, is truly remarkable. Every item on the menu, from fish to wine, is sourced here on the island- and the very best chefs are sought from across the globe to deliver these dishes. Although not quite as affordable as Franky’s, and also a little drive from the centre, you won’t forgive yourself if you don’t make the journey to sample this tantalising menu. An average 3 course menu will set you back around 50 euros per head (inclusive of a glass of wine or soft drink per person) but I can promise you that this is an investment- it’s a dining experience that you will never want to depart from!

Quince Restaurante and Cantina
Carrer del Veri, 1, Porto Cristo
Tel: 971 821 830

Lavender Market 1

Shopping and/or Markets #

We love a market here in Mallorca and Manacor is no exception to the rule! The sheer size of the town is reflected by this expansive market which is held in the main square (Plaza Ramon Llull). Expect to find one of the largest fresh fruit and vegetable markets here on the island, accompanied by many clothes and handicrafts stalls too!

Market day is Monday from 8.30am - 1pm

If glitz and glamour appeals to you, then Manacor is also the home to the largest Majorica Pearl shop (credit cards at hand ladies and gents!). This enormous showroom displays the finest imitation pearls on the island, ranging from affordable, to not so affordable! In every colour, shape and size that you can possibly imagine - this really is heaven on earth for all pearl lovers!

Sports & Recreation #

The land locked location of Manacor doesn’t necessarily make it a perfect environment for sports and recreational activities. However, the addition of the Rafa Nadal Sports Centre has certainly improved this!

Despite not having a beach of its own, Manacor is within easy reach of some of the best coastline on the East of the Island. Just ten minutes away is the quaint cove of Porto Cristo, a perfect spot for relaxing and taking a dip in the warm Mediterranean waters. However, if water sports and beach side runs appeal to you, then journey just a little down the coast towards Sa Coma and Cala Millor. These resorts are popular with tourists around the world, and their endless stretches of sandy beach and shallow waters make the perfect home for a varied selection of summer activities!

Affordable Mallorca Tip: If you’re a budding sportsperson then maybe try competing in the Super League Triathlon, Mallorca. Running all the way along the East Coast, and happening in early November!

Fiestas & Annual Highlights #

As with many resorts on the island, Manacor participates in the celebration of several island wide fiestas. The most impressive are the fiestas of San Antoni and San Jaume.

San Antoni is celebrated on the 17th January, where a large procession takes place throughout the town, and then heads in to neighbouring Porto Cristo. By night the square is transformed, a large bonfire takes centre stage and processions, dances, food and drink are enjoyed late into the night!

In September Manacor celebrates Diada de Mallorca, a traditional fiesta that is celebrated by every town and village on the island. Residents commemorate the oath that was made by King Jaume II in 1276 and which lay the foundations of jurisdiction for the island. The grand celebration is marked with traditional song and dance, including the dance of the giants who enter the town square and perform for the locals. It really is a sight to see!

Porto Christo Bay House

Living in Manacor #

Manacor is one of the more affordable areas of the island, and is incredibly popular with commuters and lovers of city lifestyle - who don’t love to pay city prices!

Purchasing Property
The average 3 bed apartment will cost around 175,000 €, many available on complexes with shared pools - which makes up for missing out on a beach side location. In comparison to the centre of Palma, this price really is a steal! However, if you prefer something with a little more land, and maybe a little more rustic, then do expect to pay anywhere within the region of 315,000 to 370,000 €. Although that looks a large figure, you can guarantee you’ll have a property with a minimum of three bedrooms, several acres of land and unspoilt views and (if you’re lucky) a pool- you certainly get your money’s worth here in Manacor!

Renting Property
Rental properties in Mallorca are not always the cheapest, although Manacor offers relatively reasonable prices. For 2-3 bedroom apartments, average costs range between 650-800 € per month (excluding bills). However, moving a little further out into Porto Cristo, could find you spending 550-700 euros, for the same style property - although instead of having countless amenities on your doorstep, you’ll have the sea! Not a bad compromise in my book, but it does of course depend on what you’re looking for!

Manacor has a huge benefit of a train station, meaning that a car is not essential, whereas the more remote areas surrounding the centre will require access to transport. It must also be noted that larger properties (fincas and detached villas) will set you back around 1,200 to 1,500 € per month (before bills) which will be costly over the course of a year, so it’s important that you compare the pros and cons of buying versus renting

Whatever you’re wishing for, you can be sure to secure it for a reasonable price, and in a wonderful location

Windmill Manacor City

Charm Factor #

A winning combination of culture and history - Manacor captures the heart of every visitor


6 January, 2019


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