Useful Spanish Phrases in Times of COVID-19

16 March 2020

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

With Spain being in estado de alarma or State of Emergency, it could happen anytime these days whenever you venture out of house: A police car stopping next to you, and an officer asking what business you have to be out of house. Fines are between 500 and 2,000€ so you’d better be able to explain yourself.

Here Are the Phrases You Need #

Good morning/good afternoon, Officer: Buenos días/tardes, Agente

I’m going to the supermarket: Voy al supermercado.

I’m going to the pharmacy: Voy a la farmacía.

I’m going to the doctor: Voy al medico.

I’m going to hospital: Voy al hospital.

I’m going to the petrol station: Voy a la gasolinera.

I’m going to work: Voy al trabajo.

I’m going home: Me voy a casa.

I’m going to help a sick friend: Voy a ayudar una amiga enferma (if female) / un amigo enfermo (if male).

I need to buy medicine: Necesito comprar medicina.

I need to buy food: Necesito comprar comida.

I need to get petrol: Necesito echar gasolina.

Please note that the police will ask you to produce the receipts (los recibos) of the stores you said you went to!

In Case You Feel Ill #

If you are seriously ill and need emergency treatment, call 112 or ask someone to call an ambulance: Puede llamar una ambulancia, por favor?

There is a high likelihood that you will be put through to somebody speaking English. Just in case you will have to describe your symptoms in Spanish:

I have a cough: Tengo toz

I have a headache: Me duele la cabeza

I have fever: Tengo fiebre

I find it difficult to breathe: Es difícil respirar

You will be asked for your address including postal code: Cual es su dirección y código postal

We recommend you write the number on paper, it’s much easier to read them off in Spanish then trying to do it by heart, especially if you are not feeling well.

In Hospital #

Mallorca is home to over 500,000 foreign-residents and had 20mm visitors (2019). It's common practice for hospitals to have an interpreting service at the disposal of patients who do not speak any Spanish. Also, the Spanish Health Systems has a very good reputation. So, don’t worry, you will be in good hands.


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16 March, 2020


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