How the Hotel Saratoga Will Win You Over

21 February 2022

Situated between the fashionable street, Jaime III, and the modern art gallery Es Baluard, overlooking sycamore, cypress and palm trees that line Palma’s ‘torrent’ and bridges, the Hotel Saratoga stands proudly, its blue flags swaying in the breeze. Personally, I’ve been closely associated with the hotel and its family-run staff for over a decade. I remember its very first musical event, which was a ‘Mini big Band’, and attended countless gigs ever since. My grandmother also happened to reside in room 113 for over a year. All in all, it’s safe to say I have a great deal of fondness for the Saratoga.

Torrent De Sa Rierra Palma

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“I’d like to go back to the Saratoga. I was happy there.” ~ Hella D.

Enjoy the Laid-Back Atmosphere #

At ground level, this four-star hotel boasts a modern eatery - an al fresco bistro - where one can sit and ‘people watch’ as they walk by and through the sliding doors that open into the stylishly refurbished lobby. Here one is welcomed by helpful staff at reception. There is also an outside courtyard with a large swimming pool and seating area.

Mirrored elevators or the curved staircase will bring you to any one of six floors with variously sized rooms. From standard singles, doubles, family furnished and suites, each room is bright, comfortable and elegant. All mod cons provided.

Every morning, a delicious breakfast buffet is on offer. Café style room service is also available. Lunch and dinner are served in the hotel’s open plan restaurant and bar. The menu has a reasonably decent range of choices, prices, and a delectable wine list.

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Check Out Amazing Music in Palma #

Saving the best till last is the jewel in Saratoga’s crown, the Blue Jazz Club. Click here to find out all about it.

Blue Jazz Club Saratoga Palma

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21 February, 2022


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