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26 March 2021

One of Mallorca's more recently developed areas, Port Adriano is a corner of the island catering to a more luxurious lifestyle devoted to yachting and golfing and, some say, is gaining ground against posh Porto Portals.

‘Surely not affordable,’ I hear you cry. Well, yes and no. Like most parts of the island, except for Port Andratx, if you’re looking to purchase property, then go on a treasure hunt. As a place to visit for a day, there’s plenty of things Port Adriano can offer that won’t break the bank.

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Getting there #

A mere 30 minutes from Palma and accessible via car, or 102 or 104 TIB bus lines, it’s certainly not difficult to access. You can even contemplate taking a taxi without worrying too much about the cost.

History #

Situated on the south west coast of Mallorca, in the town of El Toro, Port Adriano’s history is a relatively short one. It all started with a complete remodeling of the existing little harbour in 2012 by French architect, Philippe Starck who transformed it into what is now one of the most contemporary marinas in the Med - The Starke Marina.

Up and coming for the last 10 years, and still continuing to develop, Port Adriano is a young place and hasn't got its vibe yet - but the seasonality due its location. As with many places on the coast, summer and shoulder seasons are much more crowded than winter.

Local Sights #

Don't expect any historical buildings or monuments in Port Adriano. The main attraction here is boats. As far as the eye can see, the harbour is lined with rows of yachts (and super yachts) some of which are available to charter for the day and many of which are in dock awaiting the arrival of their owners. Now if you’re like me and can only dream of owning a yacht, a simple bit of window shopping will have to do before you head off to the sandy beach or the many boutique shops that are dotted throughout the town.

Port adriano yachts

Food & Drink

Port Adriano is a resort, meaning that you’re not going to find a menu del dia for 10€ or a rustic paella. Port Adriano is more about chic and stylish restaurants to while away a few hours in the sunshine. Here are our (relatively) affordable choices:

Pizzeria La Oca
Who doesn’t love a good Italian? Quite simply, nobody! From pizza to pasta, including an array of starters and salads, this menu will keep even the fussiest of eaters happy. Overlooking the harbour, it’s the perfect spot for people watching, whilst filling your bellies with tasty food.
Address: Plaza Luna, Port Adriano, 07180 El Toro, Telephone: + 34 971 23 28 16

Restaurante Bruno
Lovers of fresh seafood will certainly want to visit Restaurante Bruno. Although seafood is their speciality, the menu is varied and well-priced, allowing all tastes to be catered for. Again, this restaurant benefits from having a harbourside location, and much like Pizzeria La Oca doesn’t require you to pay silly money for the view! Service is efficient and with a smile, and will ensure you want to come back.
Address: Port Adriano, 07180 El Toro, Telephone: +34 971 23 24 98

Editor's Note: As with all places during COVID, please check online or call to make sure places are open.

Sports & Recreation #

Watersports, watersports and more watersports! The harbour is a haven for fans of ocean-based activities, from simply sailing across the Med, private boat hire, paddleboarding, jet skiing, kayaking and diving…

Fiestas & Annual Highlights #

With a very full calendar from May to October, Port Adriano is an entertainment hub during the summer months! World class acts can be found on a weekly basis from mid-July through late August. From Gregory Porter to the Beach Boys- You can see some of the best names in showbiz here throughout the season! These events are held in the heart of the Marina, and open to the public. Although not completely free, ticket prices are very fairly priced and a real experience!

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Living in Port Adriano #

Given the nature of the resort, this area is not what I'd call 'affordable' for purchasing properties or rentals- but then I guess everyone’s concept of ‘affordable’ can be pretty different! However, the neighbouring town of El Toro still has many properties available for around 200,000€ (based on a 2-3 bedroomed apartment) and rentals for 1,500-3,000€ per month.

Charm factor #

Definitely no place for lovers of the authentic who come to Mallorca for its laid-back lifestyle, history and tradition. What might seem sophisticated and elegant during the summer hype becomes quiet and reserved in the off season as lots of the apartments are second and third homes. Port Adriano loses its lived-in feel.

If you ask me: Come for a day to catch a bit of that glamour – and maybe feel like a movie star for a few hours. If you are looking for a pied à terre with a hot nightlife in the summer months, this just might be your place.

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26 March, 2021


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